Sunday, 22 June 2008

Kim Ha-neul and Daniel Henney in Sweet September

Kim Ha-neul and Daniel Henney have been selected for a special photo movie project entitled Sweet September.

Vogue: The stars - Daniel Henney (above) and
Kim Haneul - work it for the camera

The flick, which will be made entirely out of photos (thus photo movie :-P), will be using seven different colours to portray the love story between the leads.

The experimental project is set to take 6 months and more than 100 professional photogs to make.

I wonder how long the photo movie will run? As long as a feature length flick? Wouldn't that be rather boring?

Sweet September is tentatively scheduled for release on August 20.

Source & Pic credit: Newsen with translations by Kimmie @


Orchid said...

Interesting concept! Let's see how it turns out.

Anonymous said...

Wow...well it sort of makes sense since these two are very photogenic(?)...although it's still-shot, there is a challenge to portray great emotion. Especially if there's no dialogue (I assume). Thanks for news.

Valerie said...

wow. yes, very interesting concept. daniel henney is strikingly handsome and kim ha-neul is gorgeous. she also sent me on a wave of emotions when i watched her in 'On Air.'

jas said...

I say, it is indeed interesting.

I'll wait for this. I'm not afan of both but the concept is fresh.


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