Sunday, 17 June 2007

Metal chopsticks & long handle spoons

Ever since i've started watching Korean dramas, i noticed that they always use metal chopsticks. Thin, long metal chopsticks. Plus the spoons they use have a really long handle - unlike our table spoons here in Malaysia. So when i went to a Korean restaurant recently, i was so excited to find that the utensils are exactly like what i noticed in the dramas.

I asked the restaurant owner where to buy these utensils in Malaysia, and he says that they specially import them from Korea! Hmmm....looks like we gotta go there to buy them.


Kriss said...

try :) thats where i got mine

Clammy said...

People joke that the reason that Koreans are so good at plastic surgery (and other medical fields that require steady hands) is that we learn how to manipulate the thin metal chopsticks from infancy. They are more difficult to use than wooden chopsticks.

Many Koreans actually have silver sets of chopsticks and spoons, which is traditional. They are silver because in ancient times it was a method to detect poison. The chopsticks would turn black if it came into contact with certain poisons.

Orchid said...

Yeah Clammy, metal chopsticks are more difficult to use than the wooden ones. Plus when dipped in hot soup...the metal can get very hot! But they are very durable.

Clammy said...

Orchid The spoons have very long handles so they don't get that hot. Well at least the silver ones don't. The metal one at restaurants are a different story.


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