Wednesday, 13 June 2007

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The K-popped! story

It all started with a pair of concert tickets won from a contest organised by a local telco service provider. They were front-row seats to Rain’s I’m Coming concert in Kuala Lumpur in January 2007.

Orchid and I went to the concert knowing next to nothing about the Korean superstar and got, what we’d like to call “K-popped” that very night.

We then started blogging about Korean stars at our respective personal blogs (don’t bother looking for them, they are not available anymore) and eventually decided to dedicate a blog to our rapidly-growing new-found passion. And so, K-popped! ( was born in June 2007.

Our passion and enthusiasm proved to be contagious, and soon, what started out with two persons quickly turned into a three-(wo)man operation in August 2007. The K-popped! TrioLiz, Orchid, & Rooster – was formed and we have been enthusiastically sharing our findings on all things Korean with our readers.

Since the Hallyu (Korean Wave) is fueled by the entertainment industry, the bulk of our entries are on the K-entertainment scene. We also monitor the rise of the Hallyu in Malaysia. Did you know that every other local channel airs a Korean drama? Check out our K-popped! tee vee thread if you don’t believe us.

However, the blog is dedicated to “all things Korean” so anything that is related to Korea goes. We’ve written about publications, technology, food/restaurants, fashion, language and even culture.

We also realise that in Malaysia, Korean entertainment news is basically catered for the Chinese-literate crowd. Since we are illiterate that way, K-popped! is a sensible way to bring Korean showbiz news to the English-literate masses, not only in Malaysia, but in the Cyberworld as well.

Working on K-popped! has proven to be a very rewarding experience. Not only do we learn so much about what interests us, we’ve also made friends with other K-entertainment aficionados, who have so willingly shared their knowledge with us.

We hope that K-popped! will be a place where like-minded individuals can interact, share, discover and learn about the Hallyu.

With that said, we welcome any latest or hottest buzz on anything Korean-related from reliable sources. Please write to us at

We’ve been K-popped!, what about you?

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Gail T. said...

who drew the cartoons? they're good.

Liz said...

Heya Gail,

Rooster is the site's Artist Extraordinaire :-)

You can send your compliments to her at kpoplet at gmail dot com. :-)

rooster said...

Aw Liz,

I was gonna ask Gail to guess by looking at our profiles. hehe

Liz said...

Oh so sorry!

I let the cat out of the bag....but I've been saying that all over the comments on this site already :-P That you are the artist. :-P

We can make the next clueless person guess then. Hee hee hee....

Anonymous said...

hi ya...KBS world coming to ASTRO...yess...that would be good..

just one suggestion,
why dont u guys create a forum discussion so we can post drama links, reviews and pictures there....that would be pretty cool right?

the cartoon is so it..

Liz said...

Good morning, Anonymous! Wow, your comment buttered us up real good. A forum within K-popped!??

But alas, we are only a blog - for now - and don't have the resources for a forum.

But my dear reader, there are already many rockin' forums in cyber world such as Soompi. Point and click to

You can share photos, reviews, videos and so much more there.

Enjoy and keep your comments comin' at K-popped! ;-)

Orchid said...

K-popped! on Facebook

For those who would like to interact with other netizens who are passionate on all things Korean, you may join the K-popped! group on Facebook.

See you there!

Click here to join K-popped! on Facebook

Anonymous said...

K-popped sisters
Watch Coffee Prince!!! you will not regret. Guaranteed, I've already watched it 7 times and I'm still addicted. Best advice you will ever receive.

Orchid said...

:-) ok thanks Anonymous, we will keep that in mind!

WOW said...

I am very impressed by you guys' great works.
I am Korean and your passion and dedication on the K-pop things really touch my heart.

I am also interested in asian pop stuff from all around south & east asian countries in cluding, of course, your country.

Anyway, please keep doing good jobs and hope your efforts help asian people more know each other.

WOW said...

And remember so many people are visiting and viewing your blog although they are a bit reserved to leave a word over here like me..


Liz said...

WOW, thank you for taking the effort to comment at our site then! Please don't feel shy to leave a comment anytime...we LOVE to hear from our readers.

Take care and we hope to see you around again!

dy said...

hi !girl!!
i miss to say u , but i like the picture that u choose for represent each other of u !!

rainbowlove88 said...

go kpopped! go! yah, dy I oso like the pictures. SO cute!

Thuy said...

You girls are great! I really like your cartoon drawings and your writing style. They suit my taste. :)

Jean Chia said...

hey girls! i love your cartoon drawing & writing! it's all very interesting! keep rocking, ya! :)

Knox said...

Hello! I'm a Korean guy and I found this website by chance.

It's nice to see this website and you people. Thank you for loving Korean pop culture.

I'd love to help you guys if you have any questions about Korea:)

merry christmas and happy new year!

Orchid said...

An-nyeong-ha-se-yo Knox, nice to meet you and thank you for your comments!

A Korean guy on our blog! That's a rare commodity. =) I think we get a lot of ladies visiting our site, but fewer men, or they hardly speak up and join in our comments.

Glad to hear from you and do share your views whenever you feel like it!

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

Great blog. I stumbled on this site by chance too. You should put more reviews on dramas. I am a fansubber/editor for a fansubbing group. (for all English speaking fans) It would be nice to see what other drama addicts out there are currently watching. ^.^ Just a suggestion heehee...


Liz said...

Hello Suz, Happy New Year and welcome to K-popped!

Yeah, we would love to put in more drama reviews but it's dependent on what dramas we have watched.

It's a little expensive getting drama box sets here in Malaysia and I don't like watching dramas on the PC. Thus, the very little drama reviews.

However, we would like to continue discovering the Hallyu organically - reviewing dramas as and when something catches our fancy/ when there's an opportunity instead of purposefully getting all sorts of dramas just for the sake of reviewing them ;-).

Clammy said...

Wait... seriously? You've only been fans of Korean uh... stuff... for a year and this site has only existed since last June?!?!?! That's impressive. All your knowledge and pursual of all things Korean is very impressive considering it's only been a year!

Liz said...

Yup Clammy, we ain't tellin' no lie. We only got K-popped! in Jan 2007 and the site was created in June 2007 :-).


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I LOVE you guys. You guys are SOOO awesome. I love this site and I love reading your blog! It's so entertaining. I read it religiously everyday. Thanks for doing what you do and making my mornings. Holla!

Liz said...

Hello anonymous, thank you. Your comment right there made my morning too :-).

Anonymous said...

Hi Gals,

Forgot that I wrote a comment here LOL... thanks for your reply. Happy New Year Girls!

Oh, don't like viewing on PC hee hee... You should burn them to DVDs and watch on the plasma screens I am amazed how you gals have good knowledge of Korean culture.

BTW, check out Robbers... don't know why it is called that. It should be Bandits (Bulhandang) LOL. Or why not, the new fusion sageuk, Hong Gil Dong.


Clammy said...

I'm commenting here because I don't know where else to do it on this site. As you know, I live in Los Angeles, CA in the USA. I workout at a gym called Ballys and I walked in today and noticed that they had a KOREAN DRAMA playing on one of their tvs in front of the treadmills!!! It's not even like I was working out in or around Ktown around here! HA HA! Just thought it'd be a funny thing to share about the Hallyu wave!

Orchid said...

That's really cool Clammy!

Did you notice if the owner or one of the staff they hired is a Korean? ;-)

Clammy said...

no they aren't. I know this gym, it's my regular gym. But one of the employees had to be watching!

Cio said...

Hi there!
um i found myself here after spending a week searching the web for anything about kim ah joong :p

for some reason i got reaaaaaally hooked on her after watching 200 lbs beauty and well there really isnt much about her on the net aside from the music videos and pics. you guys have the most and the latest about her. and i thank you for that :)

i havent really paid much attention to korea in the past, but i have a feeling thats about to change... i even bookmarked your site *gasp!*

i really need to get this out of my system... i cant survive on 2 hours of sleep everyday :(

Orchid said...

Hi cio, annyeong-ha-se-yo and welcome! Glad you found out site. Do come back to visit and get more news on anything Korean. =)

There's not much English stuff written about Kim A-joong on the net. Most are in Korean. We've searched too. ;-)

Where are you from?

Cio said...

wow that was fast! :p

i was still looking around when i noticed that there was a reply hehe

yeah i know, i tried searching the korean sites too but most were just rehashes of the same information :(

oh yeah, am i only the second guy who posted here? lols

Cio said...

oops i didnt notice the question... im from the philippines :p

Orchid said...

mabuhay...oh you are a guy from Philippines? Cool. Are you watching "Coffee Prince" as well? I hear it is on Philippines TV now.

Yeah there are guys who visit this site, but only a handful comment. =) I am sure you will spot them if you stick around.

Cio said...

so i hear, a friend of mine is gaga over coffee prince :p

shes been trying to get me to watch it which i had no intention of doing... at least until this week :D

isnt it weird that you cant find anything about KAJ's family online? if she has brothers or sisters? parents names? or how she got into show business? everything i can dig up deals with the movie, shows, how beautiful she is and how much plastic is in (or not in) her :S

Liz said...

Hello Cio, welcome to K-popped! :-) Yeah it's pretty tough to get English stuff on Kim Ah-joong.

Most of it are in Korean...and probably Chinese? I dunno, but hopefully things will change :-).

Cio said...

even in korean i cant find anything new about her lols

theres something i saw mentioned in a random blog, that her parents were singers? idk if thats true or not though, wasnt confirmed.

heres a comprehensive review of her movie which is different from the usual, you might enjoy reading it hehe

falisa said...

Hey there!!

juz dropping to say thank u for all the updates!
u guys rocked my korean OCD world!

Liz said...

Welcome, falisa! :-)

Cio said...


so uh when are you going to post pics of yourselves? :D

Liz said...

Hello Cio, we have "pictures" of ourselves in our travel stories. Tee hee...;-)

Clammy said...

Hands don't count! You know what we all look like on our facebooks!

ShaShinKi said...

Your blog is very unique and dedicated. Would like to invite you to have your blog URL at, it is a free listing site and you definitely worth to become our Featured blogger in the coming month.

Thank you! said...

Hope to see you soon ;)

Cio said...

yeah what clammy said lols

Anonymous said...

cio, have you tried ?

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

Your website is absolutely fabulous! I love getting my daily Kpop fix here!

kt said...

i love this site!
its bi rain friendly not like those Asian American sites where they trash about him when theres no point

girl from Australia says:

kt said...

i love this sITE!
its bi rain friendly not like those Asian American sites that like to trash about him when theres no point

girl from australia says:

Anonymous said...

hello!..i sent you guys a message...haha... im shy to post my question here... hahaha... sorry.. ^_^

i sent it here
haha... i hope you received it! ^_^

Third Mom said...

I love this site! You all are terrific!

Anonymous said...

do u know to wat 나 너 무 모 자 means

Nie said...

Just wanted to say thanks for all teh information you give us!!
I always go to this site everyday!!
Keep it up!! Hwaiting!!!
oh and love the drawings!
Great Job Rooster!! I hope I can draw like you!!

oh and I love the new banner for the site!! again Great Job Rooster Unni!! lol~~

Go ma wo yo!

teong said...

Hi!!im Malaysian and I like korean things especially their drama too!
so glad to link to ur blog here!
love ur blog^^
and i was totally shocked when i saw our national flag right standing beside Korea's!so happy!thank you guys^_______________________^ha

Liz said...

Hello teong, welcome to K-popped! then :-) Hope to see you more! Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your first anniv! more power!

Anonymous said...

Wow..You guys just got hitted by Korean wave a year ago and yet you know soo much about korean intertainment and culture... and more u really started bcoz of Rain.. (well i guess he does bring a high momentum wave then) thats impressive.. i was hitted by korean wave back in 2001 and became a huge fan of Rain after watching Sang Doo 2003 (didn't know he's a singer back then).. i'm glad i found your blog.. so informative..

wawa said...

so, that means before rain came over to malaysia, you guys weren't interested about korean stuffs before????
you guys really did a great job by giving us a lot of information about korean...

Anonymous said...

I just need to say that... You're awesome! I love your blog and it's really impressive... I got kpopped only 2 month later, because of a pic of bi.... I envy you that you were able to go to a concert... *_____* and compared to you, i just know so little about everything.... you really do a great job!

Cio said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

What a FANTASTIC website! Thank you so very much!! Rooster's artwork really brings life to this blog. You guys should be very proud!

Thank you!
I'm Vic from San Diego, and I'm often known as the "Seoul Survivor" I was in KUL doing some work for Measat/Astro

Orchid said...

Nice to meet you Vic from San Diego, thanks for dropping by and for the comment! =)

rEbEcca said...

hi there..
i'm actually looking for korean classes around sri hartamas or pj area.. any ideas? i'm previously in ICLS DU... going to intermediate level now.. =)

Anonymous said...


jjust read that u guys are going to genting.. enjoy yrself & bring back lots of nice photos ya!!!

btw, just rcvd isetan megasale newsletter starting today fr 1 whole mth (is it just me or they've gone SOGO? been hvg losts of sale, one after another) and at the back page, it mentioned Korean Food & Desert Fair 5-13 Aug @ 3rd flr. bibimbap RM15.90, japachae RM11.90, ramen RM6.90, udon RM7.90, kimbab RM10 (per roll, i guess) also kr mochi & rice cakes, ginseng chicken soup n korean tea.. nice pictures..

maybe u wanna check it out?


Dottie said...

I can't say enough!

You guys ROCK!

I love this site.

I'm still waiting for you ladies to organize a trip to Hanguk so that I can tag along.


Orchid said...

@Dottie...we are waiting for Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) to sponsor then maybe one day we can all go beramai-ramai! ;-)

Liz said...

Yeah a K-popped! Excursion to Korea would be great, but then KTO is ignoring us - I dunno why :-(.

Dottie said...

KTO must be quite ignorant to the power of K-Popped.


wawa said... seems like K-Popped is one of my 'MUST DO' every day! hahaha...

my mom lately she got hooked with BYJ all over again after watching The Legend! it is so true bout BYJ got a lot of fans among ahjumma...

& she suggested both of us should go for a trip to Korea next year... & the most excited person was me... yeah! yeah! i was begging her for a few months to go for a vacation in korea! but she always end up saying 'MAHAL (expensive) LAR'... better go bali or bandung, can go shopping some more... but thanks to BYJ... hahahaha! counting for next year! hopefully she'll not change her mind...

Anonymous said...


if you wanna go Korea next year, I wanna follow..haha.
I've been thinking to go there too but it's quite expensive..probably we should join their Homestay (if they have).

Anyway, this website is very interesting and cute. Hopefully u guys can organise some activities for all fans here.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Malaysians! Anyone of you who is a great fan of Lee Jun Ki? CR Lee Jun Ki Fan Group is looking for a representative from Malaysia to participate in their Christmas Project. If interested, please go to this link:

This group has all representatives from other countries except Malaysia. Hope there's one here who are interested.

Nice to see your blog. Its great! Very informative.

Matt said...

hehe nice...just found this site park ji sung some more LOL....but no snsd??quite sad...can you all feature some of their things here??

Asian BC said...

I just found this blog..
You guys are totally cool..^^
Thank you for all the innformation about the Korean thingy...
I feel very proud because there are still people like three of you Liz, Orchid and Rooster, doing all these things and said that
" We're Malaysian. We're hooked on all things about Korean. We blog here."
You can understand what I mean write?
Have a nice day.. Do visit our blog if you have some time.

Asian BC

CJ said...

No offense, but i think it's a little strange and maybe even depressing to be so enamored and -->obsessed<-- with another race's culture to the point that you begin to wish you were Korean yourselves (don't deny it, you webmasters, i know you do... lol) and hold the belief that the Korean race is superior to all other races.

But that's just my opinion.

Janice Tan said...

Hello!!! I have just found this blog and have immediately bookmarked it. :) I am so glad to know there are people with similar interest in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) itself. :) All this while I feel so alone thinking I am the only one with Korean obsession in Kuala Lumpur. Hehe. Anyways, just wanted to ask if there are any updates on Korean Plaza project. Is it up and running yet?

Since there seems to be so many like minded people here, are you holding any gatherings so that we can all meet up and discuss all things Korean? Since there is already a Korean Plaza, we might hold gatherings there. Or there is actually a Korean restaurant in SS2 owned by a Korean couple. Maybe a first gathering can be held there. Maybe we can get them to sponsor the Soju for the gathering. ;) Let me know if there are any takers yeah.

Next, I am planning a trip to Korea sometime in September 2009. I am looking for traveling companions. So it would be great to meet some people with similar interest to travel with to the country of our obsession. I can be contacted at my email address So do drop me a line if anyone is interested. Currently MAS is having a promotion and the fair is only RM1900 for 2 ways.

Last but not least, I cant believe you dont have anything on Kim Rae Won. He is the hottest, sexiest, sensitive, charming man I have ever seen with the sweetest smile. *faint!* Haha. Just thinking about him makes me all weak in the knees.

So girls, thanks so much for this site and for bringing people with like mindset together. Keep up the good work.

Orchid said...

Hi Janice,

"Immediately bookmarking" this site sounds good. Hope to hear more from you in the future!!!

RM1900 for MAS air tickets to Korea is cheap. We just got back from Seoul & we got our tix for around RM2050 for a Cathay Pacific flight, but we had to transit in Hong Kong.

Yeah a gathering sounds fun...will keep that in mind. Believe me, you are not alone, there are lots of K-popped! people in Malaysia.

If you are on Facebook, please join our Facebook group. You will be able to meet other like-minded people, sharing your love for all things Korean there!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've only recently discovered KBS World on Astro (what a hidden gem). The first series I watched was Little Bride / Sweet 18 and now I'm hooked. I'm very glad to find a Malaysian based blog on k-drama that discusses what's on local TV.

Keep up the good work.

Janice Tan said...

Hi Orchid,

Thanks for the information about Facebook. Have joined the group already.

As for my trip to Korea, I need some advice. Since you guys have just returned. Do you think it is better to go by tour group or to book flight and room only then make arrangement for tour in Korea? Those tour packages offered by travel agents starts at RM3999 onwards. Hmm..... Still dont know what's the best way to get around. Plus I would also like to try skiing there. What did you girls do there? Did you go on your own or followed a tour group?

Muta said...

Hi Kpopped! You remember about Paran COncert in Malaysia right? Me and some of U-kiss fans want to go to the concert, but sadly we know nothing about Malaysia's accommodation. Could you do an article about recommended nearby hotels, restaurant, places to visit in Malaysia. Maybe even article about transportation in Malaysia, since I guess it'll be slightly different from here in Singapore.

lunare said...

hi k-popped ^_^

I've been a regular visitor of your blog for some months now ... I thought I'd leave a note after I'm pretty much done reading everything that interests me. But after my nth month, I just keep finding old posts that kept me hooked ... and ofcourse, your daily updates are totally amazing as well! I enjoy stories of your personal experience as non-korean fangirls (err, sorry if the term is a bit off). I can soooo relate! I'm from the Philippines and is now immensely hallyu-obsessed. Wow, I've been rambling off ... just well, CONGRATS! You are wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL folks ^_^. ANd I LOVE your Christmas cartoons ... SOOO MUCH ^_^

rainygirl27 said...

Thank you all for taking the time to create and maintain this site - it's only been about two months since hallyu hit me, but I'm already obssessed! Your posts are newsy and entertaining, and I love the reviews you give of movies and dramas - hope you all keep this up forever! :)

rEbEcca said...

i started to come to this blog few months back and you gals help me a lot in where to go in seoul after the trip u gals went in november. i plan to go korea for TVXQ concert next month.. looking for companion if yes.. ^^

johnnydorama said...

hey liz! love the new look :)

Liz said...

Welcome to our new readers, we hope you enjoy coming to our site. johnnydorama, thank you for the positive comment on the new look :-)

shinda88 said...

wow . .thx a lot for the blog :D . .i become "kpopped" *lol* since 2005 . .but that time very hard to find resource bout k-pop entertainment . . i mean from malaysia fan (that time i got only 1 or 2 frenz that cn talk bout kpop . .sigh) . . mayB now coz few artist from korea come here dy (ex. rain and dbsk)and korean drama always air on local tv . plus astro now have channel 303 (i hope they put SBS and MNet soon) . . now cn rely other than soompi and kpop wordpress . . hope ur guys cn bring more excited newz!! Fighting!! (^_^)

p/s: btw the drawing really nice :P

May said...

stumbled upon your site only few days ago and while googling about Lee Dong Gun... still exploring your site and learning more about the webmaster...

Now I know a little bit more... Just wanna drop a note and compliment that you girls did a great job with the blog with interesting stories, photos and cartoons! Excellent resource information on Korean entertainment. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Q said..

i just discover K-popped..!
n it awesome.. finally i can get info about my fav k-pop grouip here..!
luv ya al work.. kep it up ok..
i will be supporting u guys..!
droppin by 2 compliment ur hard work.. ^^ *wink *wink..
<3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

yeah, im Malaysian too... been Kpopped for a while, know this site through link from AKP, i get tired with AKP biased article recently, their writing was funny but getting more and more annoying.. will be coming back for more. Fighting!! :p

Anonymous said...


I couldn’t find a contact email so I decided to comment here.
I was wondering if you’d like to exchange blog links?
I mainly blog about Korean Celebrity Fashion: Photoshoots, Runway, Album, Shows, and many more Pictures of Korean Celebrities

Do contact me at

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

i hope one day boys over flowers actor will come to malaysia especially lee minho...
hope you all tried to make them coming to malaysia.....
last but not least,
its so hard to find korean celebrities to come to malaysia....
why?? why???

Anonymous said...

hey k-popped team! i really really love your blog! i’m doing this project about doing a feature on K bloggers of different countries and teams. would it be okay if i interview you? it’s gonna be fun, and i think it would let people get to know you more and (hopefully) unite all K fangirls and boys out there! i’ve already asked some bloggers and some of them are already on board. i can send you questions via email so it’s gonna be easy to answer. just tell me you email addy! it’s just a bunch of random questions, spazz fest and all things kpop! pretty pretty please with sugar on top!! my website is at! i'm doing this so that people will get to know the faces & brains behind a good k blog! cheers!<3

Orchid said...


Just send over the email interview to us. Our e-mail address is in this very entry!

Anonymous said...

hello k-popped team! thanks for allowing me to interview you guys! i already sent you an email with the questions at 2kpopped and if you want to see how it's gonna turn out, you can visit floatingstars@wordpress---the first interview is already up and it features ellie from seoulbeats:)

zoe sawyer said...

ive been followin ur blog fo quite sumtyme and i love ur blog to bits!
the infos n stuff about korean people and things are really cool!
i even make my first sushi wif the help of ur blog.. :D

i notice there's no post about shinee..i love shinee alot n i really hope i get to read stuff about them in ur blog
im just saying

keep up the good wrk!

Keoseuti said...

wow loving your site, very imformative and well designed! love the illustrations!

wish i could have a link bar like yours though.. how do you do it? lol. i managed to do one then i didnt know how to link it to other pages within blogger. im such a numpty i have no idea how to make it work!!

anyways keep up the good work! i agree with zoe sawyer though: more SHINee! Key = Love.


Kale~ said...

wowowow~ this was so helpful! ^^
감사합니다~! :)

southerngirl said...

To Liz, Orchid ad Rooster, thank you for this site!

I stumbled upon this site by chance late one evening while scouring the net for info about anything and everything hallyu!

You see, I've been k-popped about a month ago after a friend lent me her Boys Over Flowers DVD set. I was hesitant to watch it at first. The series was aired in here in the Philippines, and I did not pay any attention.

Well, its just been just little over a month since that weekend, and I've been hooked ever since. Thanks ladies for and for fueling my k-pop addiction.
Kamsa hamnida!

Orchid said...


thanks for dropping us a note. I hope you enjoy what K-popped! has to offer by visiting us again and again and again!

nurnabila_95 said...


Im Nabila and i am from Damansara Utama. do you guys know when is SuJu coming to Malaysia for the Super Show 2? i have been checking and they said that Kuala Lumpur is confirmed but the date is TBA. i have been waiting for them to announce the date since forever! haha. i really want to go to the concert. really badly actually. so im afraid that i will miss the concert or the tickets are sold out before i know when they are coming cause i heard the tickets sold out within 3 hours in Taiwan and that really gave me goosebumps. haha. so yeah, i know i’m babbling. sorry hehe

oh and one more thing, i have no clue where to buy the tickets. can you tell me where to buy it?

oxox. i wish you guys well and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Liz said...

Hi Nabila, I don't think SuJu will be performing in Malaysia anytime soon.

We have not heard any news about a concert for quite a while already.

I guess we will just have to wait and see if they are really coming.

nurnabila_95 said...

alaaaaa, sedihnyaa. ;( but its weird that Kuala Lumpur is one of the confirmed cities but they haven't update anything about it. i really really want to see my husband , Siwon. xD a girl can dream right?

well, if you have any updates about their Super Show 2 in Kuala Lumpur, please update about it eh? i'll be really happy if you did. reading the last update that you wrote about the super show 1 in yr blog really gave me hope.

oh and psst, and where to buy the tickets too. hee :)

thanks Liz! keep up the good work yeah! MALAYSIA BOLEH! hehe

Jihye Jang said...

Dear k-popped trio♥

Could you check your email?
Thank you.


Liz said...

Hi Jihye, we have replied your e-mail :-)

Thank you! :-)

j_gurlz said...


I've just stumbled upon your blog, and all i have to say is...WOW!

I'm so glad as a Malaysian that you three have made such an effort to find out all you can about the Korean wave generally and also its impact in Malaysia specifically.

I'll be following this blog avidly. Keep up the good work!

Liz said...

Hi j_gurlz, glad you like the site :-). We certainly do hope you visit us again. If you have anything to share with us, feel free to drop us a line at


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