Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Bae Yong-joon (배용준)

Apparently, he makes Japanese women go wild…and I’m sure many Malaysian women as well (isn’t that right Azura? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink). He’s quite cute, in the pansy pretty boy kind of way.

I’ve only seen him in one film
and yeah, I admit that he’s a good actor. Yes, yes, I know, which tempurung (Bahasa
Malaysia for coconut shell) was I living under back in 2002 that I didn’t watch Winter Sonata?

Anyway, this 35-year-old keeps his personal life very private. All I got on him is an ex-girlfriend named Lee Sa-gang and that his apartment caught fire due to a short circuit. Not sure when this happened but nobody was home at that time so fan girls, Mr. Bae is just fine.

Ladies (and some gentlemen out there), quit drooling please as I present to you Mr. Bae Yong-joon.

Date of birth:
Aug 29, 1972

Height: 180cm

Weight: 67kg

Blood type: O

Family: Eldest son, has a younger sister

Hobbies: Golf, computer gaming, photography, lifting weights and fishing

Religion: Roman Catholic


TV dramas:

  • The Legend/ Taewangsashinki (2007)
  • The Story of the First King's Four Gods (2006)
  • Winter Sonata (2002)
  • Hotelier (2001)
  • Did We Really Love? (1999)
  • The Barefooted Youth (1998)
  • First Love (1997)
  • Papa (1996)
  • A Sunny Place of The Young (1995)
  • Sea Breeze (1995)
  • Six Steps to Separation (1995)
  • Salut D'Amour (1994)


Orchid said...

Why is blood type important in these profiles? I noticed that each of the info for SG Wannabe also contains their blood type information.

It's there so that if one of our favourite celeb is in need of blood, we'll know if we are a suitable donor? ;-) So what is Bi's blood type?

Liz said...

Yeah, it's somehow important to them, not very sure why. But maybe instead of asking what horoscope one is, they ask what one's blood type is.

Most of the other profiles that I have put up also have the artiste's blood type.

Rain's blood type is O, which is usually said to be the blood type of a "giver".

Hey, you should know what...you watched "My Boyfriend is Type B". Hee hee...

Orchid said...

This man looks nice in glasses. :-)

Orchid899 said...

Yeah, what is up w/the blood types? Anyway, I don't think he's much attractive. I lean towards more the Rain, Se7en, Won Bin, Dennis O'Neil, Eric Mun hotties.

Anonymous said...


Azura said...

I agree with u Orchid...he looks nice in glasses :D...You should see him in Hotelier... *drooling* hehehe

karla said...

anybody there who knows BYJ's email ad? a really obsessed with him.. thanx a lot guys!

wawa said...

When WS showed on TV3 in 2003, that was when i started to hook with K-drama... well WS was the drama that turn K-drama a big hit in msia! i remember every weekdays, me & my 44 yrs old mom (nw she's 49) will make sure to be home by 7pm... both of us were hooked by BYJ's good look...

guess what, til today, my mom is still a big fan of BYJ! hahaha.... she loves BYJ so much till she bought some of his series box set!

Anonymous said...

Ang ngong ha se yoo!
Yong joon,i'm from Cambodia my name Chen,i love your real life.I can speck korean but not well,I have lots of freinds in Korea that they study at university and have godfather gotmother korean.I hope along time,i will to meet you maybe soon in Korea.
I like to eat kimchi,it is good,
I like snow snow!!!it is white
@.@ CHEN.

Anonymous said...

I hope YON JOON visit Australia as he has a lot of fans here!

elyse said...

hope byj visits manila in the future.

Anis Salwati Binti Hj Hamidun said...

I really hope that I can meet BYJ in Malaysia....

shaono08 said...

I really find BYJ cute.I have seen winter sonata and he's kinda WOW!

Rachel said...

What can I say, he is a very good actor, very beautiful and sexy man, I like him a lt

jenny said...

He is a talented actor, business man, very handsome , sexy , polite & etc. Love him and forever support him.

babydragular said...

I love u so much


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