Sunday, 15 July 2007

Bulgogi-flavoured pizza

Dropping into the Pizza Hut branch located opposite the extremely busy Kuta Beach one night, we discovered a new dish on the menu: bulgogi-flavoured pizza with your choice of either chicken or beef topping.

The sauce for the topping is bulgogi-flavoured and I must say, it was delicious. It was a little on the sweet side (in a good way) and very tasty. A personal pan pizza came up to Rp18,182 (which was about RM7.30).

One thing that took some time getting used to in Indonesia was paying for things in the thousands or even millions! (RM1 = Rp2,500)

Apart from that, I also saw a few Korean restaurants on our way to Jimbaran one evening. Nope, we did not stop for a meal there ;-P. We had a candlelight seafood dinner on the beach instead. Jimbaran is famous for that ;-).


ian said...

Wow...lucky you girls can travel all over the place!
I didn't even now that there is a PH in Bali offering a Bulgogi Pizza. I thought Bali wasn't that into Korean food, especially the PH. Or maybe there are lots of Korean tourist nowadays.

And Jimbaran, aaah...even I'm an Indonesian haven't ever tried Jimbaran, suck hahaha...

Nice blog!

Liz said...

Hello Ian,

Yeah we were surprised as well when we saw the Bulgogi-flavoured pizza in Bali. :-)

Welcome to K-popped!


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