Friday, 27 July 2007

Fashion tip for men - take the plunge!

Boy oh boy do I have a fashion tip for all you men out there! :-) Ladies, if you are reading this, you can pass this on to your boyfriends or husbands.

Well, this time around, the in-thing for GUYS is a plunging neckline. Yeah, show some chest. This is so easy to do. If you wear a buttoned down shirt, make sure it is not too loose and fits your body nicely. Then keep 3 - 4 buttons undone. This year, plunging necklines go as low as 25 - 30 cm!

Hmmmm but in order to make heads turn, make sure you are well toned. Maybe a couple reps of dumbbell flies each day will do the trick. Liz, any exercise tips?

Or just sign up at one of the gyms around your California Fitness, Fitness First, True Fitness (in Desa Sri Hartamas) .

Wear it like ruggedly handsome .
Who says men can't wear floral print and look hot!

Ahh...of course sports this look as well

Well, don't just take my word for it, check out the article at The Chosun Ilbo : Summer Fashions Are Bold for Boys and Girls

ps: Rain is not pan-Asian as the article above claims. He is fully Asian - Korean.

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Liz said...

Oh ho ho ho, me like this entry. A lot. Pardon the drool.

For a broad chest guys, hit the floor and gimme some push-ups. Once a week ain't gonna do, at least twice a week.

And like Orchid suggested, dumbbell flies will help you sculpt those pecs as well!

Of course, if you are a gym member, you can use all those fancy-schmancy equipment available.

Once you've got that broad, muscular chest, go ahead and take that plunge!

Sasjo said...

Push ups? Dumbbell flies? It's gonna take a while doing all that before I'll be able to go "plunging" and by then, it'll probably no longer be the in-thing anymore! :D

Liz said...

Oh it's OK sasjo, even if it phased out, you could still walk around with a well-sculpted chest. Also you can show off while at the beach.

Brian said...

I got no chest like that. This post make me sad. I have to go gym now.

rajoo said...

The men in the pics all no hair on chest one.

I got hairy chest, how to carry the look?

Liz said...

brian, don't be sad, at least you got an inspiration to hit the gym.

rajoo, I suggest you take a shaver to the rug on your chest before taking the plunge.


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