Friday, 20 July 2007

Kangta in Chinese drama

Singer Kangta, who has a strong following in China, is set to appear in a special TV drama produced by CCTV, one of China's broadcasting stations. The drama is scheduled for an Oct 1 release to coincide with China's National Day.

It's about 3 sisters and their adventures in love. Kangta is set to play a Korean singer (wow, how original) named An Chil-hyun (his real name!), who develops amnesia after an accident. Wow, did you just see that? That's ingenuity flying out the window!

This is probably how the plot unfolds. Because he’s such a “lost puppy”, you know, losing his memory and all, the chicks fall hopelessly in love with him. However, An Chil-hyun decides to come out of the closet and ditches the ladies to hook up with...Vanness Wu.

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Orchid said... this movie based on a true story or what??? :-P


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