Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Kim A-joong a natural beauty?

When I first laid eyes on 25 year old Kim A-joong in an Ohui advertisement, I thought she was the most beautiful Korean actress I had ever seen. She has such dainty, chiseled features. Yes, I thought she was exquisite and such a good match for Korean heartthrob (both of them were in the Ohui CF). Then I watched the box office hit and saw her on-screen for the first time. After that, i didn't think she is THAT pretty anymore. I think it was her smile and she looked somewhat unnatural at times.

Kim A-joong and Rain in
the Ohui for Men commercial

Well, is actress Kim A-joong 100% natural?

According to an article in The Chosun Ilbo
dated 6th June 2006, Kim A-joong is 100% natural. Other actresses mentioned to be natural beauties are Kim Tae-hee, Ko So-young, Kim Hee-seon, Lee Young-ae, Jeon Ji-hyun, Ha Ga-in and . The article even provided proof by supplying a photo of Kim when she was 20 years of age.

Then & now: Kim A-joong at age 20 (left)

However, according to popular blog Popseoul, Kim A-joong was not always so pretty. In fact, she had millions of won worth of plastic surgery done which includes getting a nose job, getting her eyes widened, veneers for teeth, plus a forehead implant! Check out the pictures on the site too.

Hmmm...so what do
you think? Is she or is she not a natural beauty?

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rose said...

Not! Plastic beauty rules in Korea.

Orchid899 said...

What the !@#$% is a forehead implant? So you mean if this woman has an allergy attack and starts sneezing, her head is gonna fall apart? I always thought she looked fake too. She looks like a scary Disney character.


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