Sunday, 15 July 2007

Korean press

OK, this entry isn’t related to my recent trip to Bali, but if you are a Korean living in Malaysia, listen up ;-). You can get in touch and up to speed with your fellow countrymen with the Korean Press (코리안프레스), a publication catered for Korean expatriates in Malaysia.

I stumbled upon the magazine while dining at Dae Jang Gum at Section 14, Petaling Jaya. And it is FREE!! (A word that we Malaysians love to hear!)

It is written entirely in Hangeul. I flipped through the July 6 issue (#134) and its content, among others, includes:

  • An interview with Dato’ Mokhzani Tun Mahathir on the Sepang Circuit

  • News on Gwen Stefani’s August concert in Malaysia

  • Loads of advertisements on karaoke rooms/pubs/cafes/restaurants

  • A travel piece on Bali, Indonesia

  • A piece on Trinity Church (트리니티 교회) in Mont Kiara

    I’m not too sure about some of the items listed as I’m only armed with my novice Korean and a Korean-English dictionary. The truth is, I don’t know what I’m reading half the time ;-P

    If you can’t get the mag, no worries, just log on to: where you’ll get 디지털 코리안프레스 (direct translation: Digital Korean Press).

    Go online and they have chat, more adverts, games, Korean TV & radio, and even detailed maps of areas in Malaysia! (If I misunderstood the ad, I’m sorry).

    It sounds like a pretty cool website (I have yet to visit it) and is set to become a one-stop portal that provides information on Malaysia for Korean expats living here.

    It’s catchphrase: 말레리시아에 대한 모든 정보가 한 자리에 (direct translation: Malaysia about all information one place). Hee hee, how did I do with my Korean?



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