Monday, 16 July 2007

Lee Byung-hyun celebrates birthday in Japan

Fans of Lee Byung-hyun (이병헌), don’t you just wish you were living in Japan? The Korean heartthrob celebrated his 37th birthday in Tokyo on July 12!

Apart from fans serenading Mr. Lee with the Korean version of “Happy Birthday” and fun activities, the star also took the opportunity to launch his third photo collection entitled Paris, a Monochrome Man in a Monochrome City. Wow, deep.

Mr. Lee is so popular with the Japanese chickadees that the occasion called for two separate events, one at 2pm and another at 7pm! This is to ensure all 16,000 fans expected at the birthday bash did not turn suicidal out of disappointment.

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Mr. Lee! Much love from Malaysia too.



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