Monday, 2 July 2007

Now and Forever (2006)

Korean title: 연리지 (Yeon-ri-ji)

What’s popping:

It’s a weepy romance that begins with a looming tragedy, but as the flick unfolds, we are introduced to yet another – wait for it – tragedy! It’s so manipulative it just ruins the humorous set up at the start.

I’m too much of a desensitised moviegoer to appreciate the flick or sympathise with the characters.

Does anyone know if the leading lady, Choi Ji-woo (최지우), had a nose job? Because I kept staring at her nose during the flick as it looks unnatural. If my guess is right, my advice to the stars is: Boycott that surgeon! He’s doesn’t do good work!

The leading man is played by Jo Han-seon (조한선).

The plot:

Min-su (Jo Han-seon) is a womaniser who turns over a new leaf when he meets Hye-won (Choi Ji-woo). She’s a happy-go-lucky girl who is living life to the full; probably her rebellious streak showing for being hospitalised.

Min-su naturally falls for the spirited lady but she is apprehensive about starting a romance since she knows that it will be cut short by her terminal illness. Oh, how now?

Watch it:

Again, you’ve gotta get the DVD ;-).


Orchid said...

Yucks, this show is so the not nice!

vrosemarie said...

Oddly enough, I thought the movie wasn't bad... Then again, I consider any movie that has the power to wrench tears from my eyes good. There's only been a handful of them so far... I like Jo Han Seon, I think he's a hottie... Choi Ji Woo's character seemed like a stereotype of her past roles... Sweet, charming but doomed to die. The supporting actors stole the show for me... They were so funny!!!

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching Now & Forever again & I was emotionally into it eventhough I watched it before. It's a great movie. I love the pairing of Choi Ji Woo & Jo Han Seon. They looked terrific together. He's 6'2 & Ji Woo is 5'9Their chemistry was superb, you can tell even in NGs. They were voted the best screen partner in 2006 in the website.I hope they get to collaborate again in another movie or drama soon. Ji Woo had several funny movies before like "First Kiss" & "The Romantic President." She did different genres before not only melodramatic.


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