Friday, 27 July 2007

The Promise (2005)

Korean title: 무극 (Moo-geuk)

What's popping:

It's all the wrong places. A supposedly emo moment got me tickled pink and the fantastical elements here border on the ridiculous.

Star-studded as it is, Nicholas Tse, Cecilia Cheung, Hiroyuki Sanada and Jang Dong-gun (장동건) could not prevent this epic flick from being the epic flop that it is.

The plot:

Lots of men, one chick. The men all fall for the woman, but she is forbidden to love. Jang Dong-gun plays a slave named Kunlun. He is such a swift runner, he can run back into time. As my fav hero would say, WHOA.

Watch it:

Please don't.


Anonymous said...

Who is your fave hero?

Liz said...

He said it when he was Ted "Theodore" Logan (Bill and Ted series) and when he was Neo (The Matrix trilogy).

The one, and only, Mr. Keanu Reeves.


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