Friday, 6 July 2007

Rain’s #1

We have the results of our inaugural K-popped! poll and as you can see (below), almost half of you voted for Rain (44%) a.k.a Jung Ji-hoon (Energizer Bunny!) as your favourite Korean actor.

Thus, this very important fact can be deduced. The bulk of visitors to this ‘lil poppin’ blog are Rain fans. Hello there, Cloud. *waves* ;-)

Coming in second is Korea’s “most wanted” actor Kwan Sang-woo (27%). Third place goes to Lee Dong-gun (16%), followed by Lee Byeong-heon (6%), while Bae Yong-joon brought up the rear with 4% of the votes.

To all 43 persons who took time out to vote, 감사합니다!!

To all of our visitors, do vote at our new poll, this time around, we’re pitting the talented actresses against each other.



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