Friday, 6 July 2007

Se7en (세븐)

In conjunction with the special date - 07.07.07, i think it is only fitting to do a profile on Se7en. If you have not heard of this smokin' hot Korean sensation, well, shame on you. ;-)

Se7en is one of South Korea's top artist. He is a singer, dancer and actor.

Se7en was trained under YG Entertainment since he was 15. After 4 years of voice and dance training, he made his debut in 2003 and has enjoyed success in South Korea and the rest of Asia. He has performed in the States and gave a successful show at Madison Square Garden in 2006.

While compiling his biography, i can't help but think that it is very similar to Bi's. They must be rivals. :-)

Name: Choi Dong-wook (최동욱)

Date of birth: November 9, 1984

Height: 180cm

Weight: 64kg

Blood type: B

Family: Grandmother, parents, 2 older sisters

Religion: Christian

  • Just Listen (2003)
  • Must Listen (2004)
  • 24/SE7EN (2006)
  • Se7olution (2006)
  • First SE7EN (2006) - Japanese

  • Prince Hours (Goong S)


leanne said...

Yes... you're rite... they are rivals. There are reports that Se7en is training hard to make his debut in the U.S. after "you-know-who" makes an impression there.

StarCrystal said...

No, they're not rivals. They even stated in articles they're not. Media and public keep mentioning that misinterpretation though. They're actually friends too. Please try not to compare both artists like that.

Orchid said...

I have not read anywhere that they are rivals. I guess it is just speculation.

Starcrystal: Do you have a favourite? Whom do you prefer? Rain or Se7en? Or do you like both equally?

Liz said...

Rivals or no rivals, the world is big enough for the two of them ;-).

So no worries, just let the talented blokes do what they do best - entertain us ;-)

Anonymous said...

i luv both of them...se7en:his dance is better sexier, cooler n well his just too gd.his songs are just as gd .....his first time acting in GOONG S is just as gd...but at the same time,Bi: i luv Bi's song...n his movie I'M A CYBORG BUT ITS OKAY..but don;t worry too much bout rivalry.. these 2 ppl can actually joke, eat,chat, play n even hug each pthers like best frenz(or brothers..)....(sorry 4 e broken eng is bad..)

Orchid899 said...

They fall closely into the same category, but I don't think they are really rivals. They certainly always have nice things to say about each other. I love them both equally.

kyina said...

Personally I prefer SE7EN b/c I like his music better than Rain's, but Rain's acting skills are much better than SE7EN's [almost] nonexistent ones; XD

In terms of dancing - they're both great, imho.

MOON said...

hi se7en
well done!
u r great singer n dancer


Anonymous said...



Ijat said...

Se7en uppa please come to Malaysia..

Anonymous said...


ess7 said...

MY SE7EN...!!!! he's wayyyyy much hotter...cooler..better...!!!

his songs...his moves...his voice...
juz make my heart melt....(^_-)

about his acting skill..?? he did well..!!! it's just the plot of the drama which makes it boring and so se7en got criticized b'cuz of it..



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