Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Addicted (2002)

Korean title: 중독 (Joong-duk)

What’s popping:

A slow burning flick but the payoff is pretty good. I kept going ‘psycho, psycho, psycho’ after the movie ended, but I still enjoyed it.

This is my first time watching Lee Byung-hun (이병헌) in action (and I don’t mean the love scene) and he’s a decent actor. The film’s part thriller and part romance. It also stars Lee Mi-yeon (이미연), Lee Eol (이얼) and Park Seon-yung (박선영).

The plot:

The story revolves around married couple – Ho-jin (Lee Eol) and Eun-su (Mi-yeon) – and Ho-jin’s younger brother Dae-jin (Byung-hun).

Dae-jin has just completed his National Service and is living with his bro and sis-in-law. While the couple welcomes Dae-jin, they still hope that he will soon settle down and move away.

However, Dae-jin is simply content with the living arrangements. He gets to tinker with his race car in the garage and enter competitions. Even the amorous advances of a lovely lady named Ye-jin (Park) go unnoticed.

Unfortunately, a tragedy occurs. Both brothers meet with separate car accidents on the same day! While Ho-jin falls into a coma, Dae-jin eventually recovers but mysteriously develops the traits, personality and habits of his older brother. Ooooh, what will Eun-su do now?

Watch it:

Get the DVD please.


Orchid said...

No wonder it is rated - not for kids and those under 18. Got love scenes and nudity one this show.

Bina said...

i saw this movie...its AWESOME! keeps you guessing...& it DOESN'T have any nudity...what the hell???


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