Sunday, 26 August 2007

Bi and his scooter

I've heard that Korean top star Rain loves to ride on his motorbike to relax and release the stresses of super stardom. Often times, i read in forums that he rides on a scooter. I thought to myself...scooter? Not a huge Harley Davidson or something along those lines since he's got the $ to burn? Well, scooter it are some pictures...

Rain in yellow shirt spotted in Seoul (probably) on his scooter

Here are a couple of stories of Rain & his scooter:
  • He rides in Seoul and sometimes fans would think they recognise singer/actor Rain and they would come up to him and ask "Oppa...are you Rain?". He would look them in the eye and say..."No". They would then believe him as who would think that a super star like Rain would ride around without bodyguards.

  • It was reported that two of his scooters were stolen and his managers are reluctant to let him buy another one as they think it is dangerous for him to ride on it

Rain in Thailand on a Honda Cup, back facing the camera


Anonymous said...

Bi is just like everyone else. He is a normal guy. Likes to ride around on his own. There's freedom!

rainbowlove88 said...

Opppaaaaa!! I wanna ride on your scooter with you.


Liz said...

Awww, his scooter is so cute...white!!

Yeah, rainbowlove88, I wouldn't mind hitching a ride from Bi on the scooter.

Orchid said...

Please wear a helmut Liz!


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