Monday, 20 August 2007

Bobby Lee

Asian stand-up comedians are few and far between, so whenever one takes the mic, I’m right there cheering them on!

Born in San Diego, California to immigrant parents from South Korea, Bobby Lee broke into the American comedy scene in 2001 when he joined the cast of MADtv, a sketch comedy series based on the magazine of the same name. However, Lee started in the comedy business long before MADtv.

In 1995, Lee was spotted on stage by actor comedian, Pauly Shore (Encino Man, 1992) and was asked to open for one of Shore’s shows in Las Vegas. Soon after, Lee became a regular at Shore’s mother’s comedy club in Hollywood, California called The Comedy Store. Since then, Bobby Lee has appeared in countless television commercials and on stage to perform stand-up for shows like the Late Show and The Tonight Show.

With the help of Youtube, Bobby Lee hit overnight fame when his parody sketch of Memoirs Of A Geisha began circulating amongst college campuses throughout the US. Other works of his include 24 with Bobby Lee and Korean parody drama series Attitudes and Feelings Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive (must watch for all you drama fans out there!).

Bobby Lee has starred in movies Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle (2004) and Kickin’ It Old Skool (2007). Mindless entertainment, as some might say, but I say sometimes it’s just great to sit back and laugh it off.

Name: Bobby Lee
Date of birth: 17 September 1976
Official site:
Complete filmography at


Anonymous said...

racist asian. don't support anything he do anymore. he's a dumbass who hates his own race.

Clammy said...

Dude, I've met him several times (we have mutual friends). He doesn't hate his own race. He does find that white people seem to be more comfortable around him and vice-versa. He was dating a tall white blonde girl for awhile too (he's like 5'6"ish and she was like 6 feet tall!). But anyways, he hangs around with Koreans as well and he doesn't hate his own race.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he hates his race...I think he pokes fun at the stereotypes OF his race...better HE than someone outside the Korean ethnicity to do this- right????
As a Korean American I think he is hilarious and all the power to him for at least being out there representing. Why can't Asians have someone like Margaret Cho or Bobby Lee??? demonstrating that we are not all about "Sayonara" "Me Love you long time" and all that other bu#@#@#@# that people seem to link Asians with. Asians have a sense of humor and yeah we do laff about the stereotypes that seem to label us. So what???--- better to laugh about it, and own it. It's all in good fun. Relax. It's not racial hatred.... if some redneck ignorant inbred had something smart to say about asians, then fine, have an issue... this is nothing man...

Margaret said...

he's tight! He soo funny! Me n my bro watch madtv bcoz of him hehe


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