Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Fans want Full House 2

Ahh, the force is strong in this one, people. Many of you - 26 to be precise (68%) - want a second season of the highly popular drama series Full House. Uh huh, the Lee Young-jae and Han Ji-eun posse has spoken.

However, 11 persons (29%) say they have had enough of Full House and wouldn't want another go at the series. Personally, I fall into this category. *Liz ducks to avoid the rotten tomatoes hurled at her*

As for the individual (3%) who chose "D'oh, what's Full House?", may I suggest that you check out what Full House is by hitting this link.

A big thank you to all 38 readers who took time out to vote. Watch out for our next poll! :-)


Vad3r said...

know where I can DL the full episodes with Eng subs ?

Liz said...

Umm, I dunno maybe YouTube? I bought the box set so can't help you there. Sorry dude.

Vad3r said...

YouTube already removed most of such videos cuz of licensing issues. I managed to download few episodes via Veoh TV. TQ anyway.

Liz said...

Ah I see. Veoh TV, huh? Must check it out soon. Thanks for the tip vad3r :-)

Anonymous said...

Try the warez-bb rapidshare..



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