Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Kim Tae-hee for Olympus

One-expression actress Kim Tae-hee was at a press conference endorsing Olympus cameras recently.

It's good to see that even Korean beauties suffer from face shine. It looks like the actress who played a she-dog in Stairway to Heaven has oily skin.

We suggest a brief stop at the ladies to powder up first before endorsing cameras, Tae-hee.


Orchid said...

*** Commercial Break ***

Yeah, we recommend Johnson & Johnson's Clean & Clear OIL CONTROL FILM. It helps remove oil and shine from face throughout the day.

Simply dab the blue thin film on oily / shiny parts of your face and whalla, instant matte-ness!

irenelim said...

aiya, her face so oily and got big dark circles.


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