Thursday, 23 August 2007

Lee Byung-hun 'Comes with the Rain'

Lee Byung-hun is currently in Hong Kong filming I Come with the Rain, a flick that stars Josh Hartnett as a former LA cop turned private eye who goes in search for the missing son of a Chinese billionaire.

The French production is directed by French-Vietnamese helmer Tran Anh Hung. Filming locations include Hong Kong and the Philippines apart from Los Angeles.

Lee Byung-hun taking and break on the set
of I Come with the Rain

Lee Byung-hun plays a HK gangster named Su Dongpo. I guess we'll get to hear him speak English here.

The pic above (taken on Aug 21) is of Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu visiting the set with some fruit juices and Chinese herbal tea for the cast and crew. It has been reported that Daniel, Shawn Yue (who is also in the film) and Josh Hartnett got together and chatted for a while during the break.

When Lee Byung-hun spotted Daniel, he went up to him to say hello. The 37-year-old is apparently staying at Grand Hyatt Hotel. Tell us if you manage to spot him, OK?


Orchid said...

Wow, a movie with Lee Byung-hun & Josh Hartnett? Cool!

Is Josh Hartnett in the pic? He's the one on the extreme right...

Why did Daniel Wu suddenly visit the set bringing drinks?

kpoplet said...

Wahoo! I can comment! Ahem.

Yea, is Daniel in the movie too?

Liz said...

Yah I think that guy with the goatee is Josh Hartnett.

Dunno why Daniel is there. I went to to check out the movie cast list and Daniel Wu's name not there.

Maybe he's paying a visit to friends?


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