Friday, 10 August 2007

Korea's cutest couple

Lee Dong-gun and Han Ji-hye are officially a couple.

Both Lee (27) and Han(23) have been rumoured to be dating for more than 4 years now. There were scandals surrounding their relationship to the point that claimed it was just to create publicity for the young actors. Finally, actor Lee Dong-gun dispelled rumours by publicly declaring his love for Han on TV recently.

He confessed in a Korean variety program that Han threw a tantrum when he related how he saved sexy pop diva Lee Hyo-ri from falling earlier this year. He also said "Since disclosing our relationship, I feel the mood has changed and become a lot more comfortable."

Two years ago, on the same program, when asked if both Lee and Han were a couple, Lee denied it. He confessed now that he regrets denying it.

Lee and Han met when they were filming the TV drama "Sweet 18" in 2004. They also worked on the movie My Boyfriend is type B (2005) together.



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