Monday, 27 August 2007

Lee Hyo-ri sizzles

Sexy singer Lee Hyo-ri is featured in the September 2007 issues of Cosmopolitan and Elle (Korea)! And boy, she's like a chameleon in the photos.

Short hair, long hair, permed hair, Hyo-ri rocks the pics. Is she hawt or what?

(I apologise for the juvenile fashion write-up, I confess that it isn't my forte. I, like Rooster, can't tell the difference between a Fendi and Gucci or whatever. Enough blabbering and on to the pics! Oh and, positivehalo, this one's for ya!)

Cosmo spread: Hyo-ri looking fresh and lively
(oh gee, that sounds like I'm describing a lobster)
in a V-neck white T-shirt and low-slung jeans

Elle spread: Hyo-ri is too excited to figure
out why she has a huge cheerleader's
pom-pom for a top

Elle spread: Eh, why the Aunty (ahjumma)
But no aunty I know has a cleavage
like the one on Hyo-ri! Va va voom


Orchid said...

She looks like an ostrich in the second pic!

Orchid said...

She is either too versatile, or has not really a memorable face/features. To tell you the truth, i can't really recognize her. * sheepish grin *


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