Thursday, 30 August 2007

Mina poses without underwear

Why is saucy singer Mina in a photo without any panties on?

Well, let's hope the 35 year old doesn't pull a Britney on us and start flashing her vagina as well.


anon said...

Hey guys,
im not sure, like i didnt look too close up, but looks like shes got a skin-coloured thong on or something cos there is definately something there!

Liz said...

Hello Anon, you sure you didn't take a magnifying glass to her nether regions there? ;-P.

Anonymous said...

she's got panties on (women don't wear underwear)

Anonymous said...

if you look at the part where she's covered, you'll see the shadow of her underwear/panty under that slip dress.


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