Monday, 20 August 2007

Park Hyo-shin (박효신)

OK guys, wanna get the Mrs in the mood for make sexy time? (yeah, that’s a bona fide phrase...didn't ya watch Borat?:-P) Then may I suggest letting the deep, husky and extremely sexy vocals of Park Hyo-shin work its magic ;-).

What, you don't believe me? Here, listen to the guy! It's not everyday you find a voice like that on a 26-year-old! Thus, it's little wonder that Hyo-shin is known as one of the best male vocalists in Korea.

He debuted in Jan 2000, making heads turn with tracks like Things I Cannot Do for You and Fool.

His sophomore album, Second Story, was released the following year. However, it wasn't until his 3rd album – Time Honored Voice – was released in 2002 when he finally scored a #1 hit with A Good Person.

When he released his 4th album, Soul Tree, the song Standing in that Place also made it to the top of the charts. Nonetheless, the singer is more known for recording Snow Flower, the theme song to the KBS drama I Am Sorry I Love You.

Hyo-Shin took a break in 2006 and prepared for his 5th album - The Breeze of Sea - which was released in early 2007.

While rehearsing for a concert earlier this year, Hyo-shin collapsed due to fatigue. It was reported that the R&B singer felt pain in his vocal chords, wasn't eating well and was over-practicing.

Oh, we really hope he didn't do permanent damage to his vocals after the incident; it would be a shame to lose something as unique as that.

Name: Park Hyo-shin (박효신)
Date of birth: Dec 1, 1981
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Playing computer games
Special talent: Impersonating other singers
Education: Kyung-hee University, Post-modern Music major
Official website:


  • Park Hyo-shin (2000)
  • Second Story (2001)
  • Time Honored Voice (2002)
  • Park Hyo Shin Best Voice = 2003-1999 (Greatest hits, 2003)
  • Soul Tree (2004)
  • Neo Classicism (Album of cover tracks, 2005)
  • Next destination New York (Live album, 2005)
  • The Breeze of Sea (2007)


unf4me said...

woohoo i was waiting for you girls to do a profile of hims. i hope every can appreciate his voice as much as i do. wow he is awesome, he does a version of hurricane that was orginally sang by eric benet that is killer. he is a singer who can actually sing...yeah... thanks girls...

Liz said...

You're most welcome, unf4me :-). I actually just "discovered" Hyo-shin after a friend of mine introduced me to his latest album The Breeze of Sea.

Fell in love with his voice, thus the profile ;-)

Hey, you could actually tell us about your fav stars and we'll go check him/her out.

Just drop us a line at 2kpopped at gmail dot com.

It would be a journey of discovery for us since we don't really know everyone in Korea's entertainment industry...just the ones that catch our attention.

Tan said...

Just loooooooove his voice. Very talented lad.

Liz said...

Ah yes, and that makes the three of us :-)

Anyone else out there who loves Park Hyo-shin's voice? Show your support here ;-P

Anonymous said...

really?????? sorry, his voice sounds unnatural. his new look is also unnatural (and creepy)

unf4me said...

wow u think he is creepy. he's so talented that on his new album he actually changed the way he sings, do u know how hard that is for a singer...
abt his look who cares, the man can sing his butt off and after all the trouble he went through with his label he is great.
he has been sick for a long time and been hospitalized due to stress and being overworked by his label. But he was still going on TV singing, doing radio and still practicing for his concerts so as to not disappoint fans and promote his album for the label and himself. and to top it off the label hadn't even paid him yet.
liking his voice is subjective, but i think anyone who actually goes to university to study his craft and does it with as much heart deserves some respect. in a world full of over indulged and overpaid singers who can't really sing but get paid because they look good and can learn a few moves, he can stand on a stage whith no back up singers and sing his heart out live.

Liz said...

Well, he sounds like a star in my books.

Anonymous, we'll just have to agree to disagree ;-)

Liz said...

AAAaaaAaaaaa, my MP3 player went and died on me and now I can't listen to Park Hyo-shin! :( :( :( All the songs are in there!

unf4me said...

awww sorry to hear abt your mp3 player, i think those things have a build in self destruct timer,i'm on my second one. it always seems to break after the warranty. urggg, but on a brighter note maybe your can get a nicer one for christmas or birthday, which ever come sooner for you. :)

Liz said...

Sigh, you're right unf4me.

Anyone wanna get me an MP3 player for my burfday? It's next month ;-P

Anonymous said...

Hey ! I'm a big fan of Park Hyo Shin too !! I fell in love with his voice when i watched KBS drama "I'm Sorry I Love You" October last year. He has a very matured and soulful voice. I havent heard a voice like him before.. or shall I say... in the asian entertainment industry. Its hard to find his information in the internet site unless you go to korean site. I always listened to korean songs and his voice was the first who really takes my breath away. Honestly, I used to download his songs from some internet site but I still can't get enough of him. So, I bought a few of his albums online unfortunately some of his albums were out of print.... so sad....

He seems like disappearing himself to take a good rest after his 2007 Seoul Encore Concert on May. I lost his news since then... Hope he's fine and I cant wait to listen to his new song soon...haha..

All his songs was amazing and really worth for buying it. I love his Remake album track no.7 "사랑 사랑 사랑". I set it as my morning call ringtone in my phone.

Liz said...

Hi Anonymous,

I have not heard 사랑 사랑 사랑...must go check it out :-) Yeah, Park Hyo-shin has a unique and very sexy voice ;-). I only have The Breeze of the Sea songs.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm anonymous,

Its track no.1. "Love Love Love"

You can listen it here

Or watch the his live performance with Kim Do Hyang here

Here's a link for you for his songs (registration required)

You'll love him more !

Btw, I'm Bernice.

Liz said...

Yo Bernice, so nice to meet you and thank you for the links! Will definitely go and have a listen :-) :-)

Liz said...

Hee hee, I just watched the vid on youtube bernice, the performance is awesome. Still can't get over the fact that such a husky, deep and mature voice belongs to such a young man.

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz, so glad that u liked it ! He's really a hearthrob ! I hope that one day he could cope with yiruma and eric benet to make a crossover album coz yiruma was very well known and he makes the finest piece of piano solos in korea. Eric and Hyo Shin both hav a soulful voice which I think could lead a big hit in korea entertainment industry since both of them were well known as princes of R&B ballads.

Anonymous said...

Check this guy out. He's yiruma. Korea's well known piano solo's artist. Compose quite a number of piano masterpieces in the korea entertainment industry. The piano theme song from Kdrama 'Winter Sonata"'s "When The Love Falls" was a beautiful melancholic piece of art. Below was one of his famous masterpiece from his first album titled "First Love"

The song titled "River Flows In You"

Just lock ur door, switch on the speaker and close ur eyes to enjoy it.


Ahzasungmin said...

Try listening to 'Memories Resemble Love'.I think it's one of his newer single and damn, it's good.Try browsing for 'Special Stage- Eru, Park Hyo-Shin & Lee Ki-Chan'.They sang each other's song and it is among the best live performance I've ever seen.They sang 'Mi in (A Beauty)', a hit by Lee Ki-Chan, 'Memories Resemble Love' by Park hyo-Shin and Eru's 'White Snow'.

Photomofo said...

I LOVE park hyo shin's music! I own every album and his Live Concert DVD.

I started a project on Soompi to get his WHOLE discography subtitled in english (on youtube).

Its basically just me doing it all (finding translations and subbing the videos).

Check it out! I got about 15 or so done already


waLESSsoWAT said...

his voice really melting me away...
i cant get enough of him....his husky n deep voice really captured my heart...~waaaaaa~love most of his song xpecially there any official site in i dunno korean..

Anonymous said...

^unf4me speaks the truth!
Park Hyo Shin deserves much more ♥LOVE♥... compared to many overpaid singers who only look hot but can't sing. Ask them to sing a PHS song, and they would probably die of breathlessness halfway.

Anyway...for people who are curious, here are some live renditions from him:

Prayer with MC Mong(he looks handsome here HAAHA)-

His song GOOD PERSON in recording studio-

Stand In That Place-

Let's Hate-

English covers:
Hurricane by Eric Benet-

Listen by Beyonce-


Hello by Lionel Ritchie-

*sigh* really dreamy~


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