Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Rain misses his fans

Rain who is still in Berlin filming his Hollywood debut movie Speed Racer misses his fans in Korea and has recently sent them a special message. Since he is called Rain...his fans are called clouds.

Hi everyone, this is Rain.

It seems like a long time since I've asked how you have been doing. I've heard that it's been raining a lot in Korea. In such cases please look out for your health, you know health is the most important. I am now in Berlin, shooting a movie. Collaborating with a lot of good people, it makes it very interesting. It's also a great experience, so I feel very fortunate. It seems like the 5th fan meeting wasn't long ago. But actually 5 months have passed. Give it a bit more time and we'll see the 6th year of the cloud family. I apologize that i cannot be together with you, my fans. No matter what time, where i am, my strength comes from the cloud family. I hope everyone within the cloud family will care about and love/protect each other. In faraway Berlin, it seems like I can hear everyone's encouragement. I really miss everyone. I will be everyone's Rain, unashamed and make people proud. Please continue to pay attention and continue to give encouragement.

In Berlin, Ji Hoon

We miss you too Rain. Hurry up and finish your shooting so we will be able to see more of you.

There are also reports that even though he is in Berlin, he works just as hard. Spending 10 hours each day on the movie, another 10 hours practicing his music (singing / dancing) and only resting for 3 hours! That's Rain all right. No wonder Liz calls him Energizer Bunny. He just goes on and on and on... Take care of your health will ya and rest more.

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Anonymous said...

Bi Oppa...come back soon...we miss you.

rainbowlove88 said...

jihoon oppa, i miss u to!!! why u never mention ur malaysian fans one? :-(


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