Friday, 17 August 2007

Rain vs. Se7en?

When you are smoking hot Hallyu stars trying to break into the US around the same time, you've got people making comparisons between the both of you.

Rain and Se7en, Kpop singers (and actors), both have a strong fan base in Asia and are set to make their presence felt in the States.

Rain (left) & Se7en are riding the crest of
the Hallyu

The former has a supporting role in Speed Racer, a flick directed by the Wachowski brothers while the latter is currently working on his English album, scheduled for release end of the year.

Are they rivals? Many would like to think so considering their individual efforts and "race" to become the first Hallyu star embraced by the general American public (and not only by the Asian American community).

However, the two stars are in fact chummy even if people like to pit them against each other. Here's the proof:

Awww, lookit! They are so
happy to see each other

Having a little chat before a movie starts

Looking happy together at an event

Se7en gives Rain the thumbs-up

This pic takes the cake! They don't
even mind getting into bed together!


Rooster said...

aCK! Why is Se7en and Rain lazing in bed together???

Anonymous said...

Rain is sooooo cute! I love Rain!

Drizzle said...

Rain is a triple threat. He can sing, act very well and dance. He can also look innocent one minute and sexy the next.

Although Se7en can speak English well and has so many fans, he can't act well. Need training.

Linda said...

just to tell you, the last two photos are photoshopped by crazy fans. i think shenyue or popseoul revealed that.

Orchid said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks for that bit of info. That totally explains the photo of Bi and Se7en in bed together!!! :-)

Liz said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks for telling us the last pic was photoshopped.

Phew, I thought the guys were having a Brokeback moment there. Now I know it ain't real. :-)

Anonymous said...

Please remove the photoshopped images. I think that will lead to misunderstandings. It was even released in Chinese news a long time ago and interpreted it with false information. -_-;

Kate said...

ehhh, the psed photos are disturbing I agree with anonymous. Please remove them. People will get the wrong idea.


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