Saturday, 22 September 2007

André Kim designs Samsung home appliances

Ever since i found out that top Korean fashion designer André Kim (앙드레 김) designs home appliance for Samsung, i wanted to see how they look like.

Yes, Kim designs washing machines, refrigerators and air-conditioners for Samsung. Aren't you curious how they look like? If given a chance, would you buy these "designer" electrical home appliances?

Samsung's front loading washing machine, designed by André Kim

André Kim washing machines and refrigerator designer range was
launched by Samsung in August 2006

A close-up view of the glossy ruby red finishing of the fridge

Samsung's kimchi refrigerator designed by André Kim

Top view of the kimchi fridge

Hauzen air-conditioners from Samsung Electronics was launched
in Jan 2007. Kim's design of these air-con units has flowers
and butterflies on a dark background.

The man behind the designs, André Kim

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Gail T. said...

it's lee da hae, in the kimchi refrigerator photo. yay.

i'm beginning to develop a soft spot for the alien. he's so weird, that's why.

Anonymous said...

Why are all the designs so feminine? Flowers and butterfly everywhere! I hope to see some of Kim's designs that are more neutral for homes. Not so flowery and feminine please...

Liz said...

Now the K-popped! Trio knows why Koreans need an additional kimchi refrigerator after stinking up Rooster's fridge here in Beijing.

We have been going crazy with the very delicious kimchi found at a nearby hypermart. Hee hee...


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