Sunday, 23 September 2007

Asia Song Festival 2007 - photos

Remember we told you about the star-studded Asia Song Festival in Seoul?

Well, the concert was held last Saturday at the
Sangam World Cup Stadium. It was certainly a treat for the Koreans in view of the festive Chuseok weekend. With 13 performers from nine countries, this is the largest Asia Song Festival since it started in 2004!

Although none of the K-popped!Trio were there :-( here are some pictures of Korean artists at the event. Many thanks to the dedicated fans at Soompi Forums for posting these pictures.

Eugene and a guy named Choi Gi-hwan were the MCs


Super Junior (SuJu)

FT Island

SG Wannabe

Lee Hyo-ri (back with long hair)

Eugene - remember her from the k-drama Love Truly

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