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Get to know Coffee Prince's Gong Yoo

In the April 2007 issue of KBOOM, a Japanese Magazine, Coffee Prince hunk Gong Yoo answered 50 questions posted by fans.

  1. The greatest event for you [Gongyoo] in 2006?
    The first fan meeting in Japan.

  2. What is the method you use to cheer/relieve yourself?

  3. What do you always carry around?
    Cellphone and wallet

  4. What's the average time you fall asleep?
    hmmmm....the times vary, so I don't really know.

  5. Does sleep come well?

  6. Can you wake up easily?
    Very well.

  7. What do you do when you can't fall asleep?
    I listen to music or play games

  8. Showers in the morning? Night?

  9. The first place you wash when you take a shower?
    I start from the bottom, so the legs?

  10. The body part you are most confident about?
    Shoulders. Uhm, for the most stylish, I say my eyes.

  11. Do you have any posters of yourself in your room?
    I have one decorating the walls.

  12. The moment you start your working mode?
    When I get out of the car to enter the filming scene.

  13. Do you believe in intuition (or hunch)?
    Yes, I do.

  14. Your recurring dream?
    I don't really dream

  15. What do you think you were in your former life?
    An actor.

  16. Let's say the world is coming to an end. What would you do, who whould you meet and what would you eat?
    I would spend my life savings and have feast with a loved one.

  17. If you invisible, where would you go and what would you do?
    Because I can get on a plane for free, I would go abroad.

  18. If you were on a time machine, where would you like to go?
    10 years into future.

  19. Between puppy and kitten, which one do you like (more)?

  20. IF you compare yourself to an animal?
    A dolphin or falcon.

  21. What is your favorite car?

  22. What is the melody (music) for incoming call to your cell phone?
    I don't use melody (music). It's always on vibration mode.

  23. While watching drama or movie, do you express emotions (joy and anger)? Or do you hide your laughter and tears and watch quietly?
    I usually express myself.

  24. Do you express your thoughts right away? Or do you hide?
    I'm the type to express everything, but only after prior thinking.

  25. How much do you have in your wallet right now?
    About 50,000 Won (=$50 US dollars)

    Okay, you are halfway there...25 more to go.

  26. Do you usually buy dinner or do you get treated more?
    I usually end up buying more.

  27. Do you usually come early or late to an appointment (or meeting)?
    On the late side?

  28. As you age which do you prefer to be, bald or fat?
    Don't want to become either.

  29. What lie have you told?
    It will be detected soon so I don't lie.

  30. How about self appraisal (boast)?
    I have a good athlete and I am able to handle (adapt) myself in any situation.

  31. Treasures you gathered during childhood?
    BB guns or mini cars

  32. Your dreams when you were young?
    To be a good husband and father

  33. Favourite subject during school days
    Korean and English

  34. Subject(s) you dislike?
    Maths and Science

  35. When was the last time you shed tears?
    During a fan meeting in Osaka last year

  36. After seeing a close actor friend's production (aka movie/drama/cf etc) do you tell him your impression of it?
    I honestly tell him my impression/thoughts.

  37. When you're lonely do you quietly spend it alone? Do you call someone and meet them?
    I call someone and meet them.

  38. Your type of girl?
    A woman who can take good care of herself.

  39. What type of girl do you not like?
    The ones who curse.

  40. When you confess do you meet up and talk? Call on the phone? Send an e-mail?
    Meet and talk.

  41. The person you like is a divorcee and has a child. Even so will you keep loving her? Give up?
    Continue to love

  42. Between a red rose and a white rose which one will you pick?

  43. Which flower makes you happy when you receive it?
    If its a flower, whatever it is I receive happily.

  44. What kind of woman that makes you feel like hugging her suddenly?
    A woman who is crying because of a sad happening/event.

  45. How many sons and daughters you want to have after marriage?
    One son and daughter

  46. When you get married, which dish that your wife cooks will make you happy?
    Whatever dish it is, its going to be good so whatever is good.

  47. Are you good at cooking?
    Not very good.

  48. Are you good at memorizing lines?
    I'm pretty good at it.

  49. What strange habits do you think Japanese has?

  50. Lastly, do you love your fans?
    Of Course.

Japanese to Korean translation: KEIKO
Source: bbb998 naver blog
Korean to English translations: tigereyez, Rxgoodleaf, tvxqsaraeng

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