Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Hyun Bin celebrates birthday with fans

Korean actor Hyun Bin - from the popular drama My Lovely Sam-soon celebrated his birthday with fans again this year. Korean celebrities really love their fans. They love them so much that they want to spend their special day with their fans.

Hyun Bin was born on September 25, 1982. They organized an early birthday party on the 16th Sept 2007 at 2pm. If you think about it, Hyun Bin should be celebrating his 25th birthday this year. But check out the poster below. It says "26th Birthday Party". K-popped! concluded that the Koreans calculate age like the Chinese. They add one year to your age, because it is believed that age is calculated upon conception (when the baby is conceived).

Hyun Bin's management company Star M Entertainment
a birthday party cum meet the fans session

Goodie bags for the fans! What's inside?
Hyun Bin key-chain, L'Oreal products, bottled tea
& packets of ramen noodles.

Fans wait in anticipation to see their idol

Hyun Bin appears flashing his famous dimples

No...no...I had nothing to do with my bad
It's the stylist's fault I tell ya.

Happy Birthday Hyun Bin sshi!

Hyun Bin serenades his fans with a song

Ever grateful, Binnie (as his fans fondly calls him) thanks his fans for
the well wishes they wrote on pieces of paper strung together.
Binnie drapes them on his body like so.

Posing with the little children at the party

They give him flowers...

And a larger than life jigsaw puzzle portrait of himself...

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I really love hyun bin. Imagine that I've watched the whole series Kim Sam Soon on dvd four times, watching one whole series one in 2 sittings.

Yeah, its that smile. His killing dimples!

Please visit us here in the Philippines!!! please please. :)

Orchid said...

Hey anonymous, greetings...how are things in Philippines?! i understand the hallyu is pretty strong there too.

You watched My Lovely Sam-soon once in only TWO sittings? Gosh...you guys are amazing. Sigh...i have yet to get my hands on the DVD. It's pretty expensive here in Malaysia.

Heard so many good things about this drama. We are currently watching it on TV...but not with the original Korean (it's dubbed in Mandarin). Plus we watched it mid-way. Must get the DVD!

Thanks for the comment!! :-)

hanie said...

happy belated birthday to hyun bin oppa!!!
finally...after a very pain stalking search for my lovely sam soon, i got it!!! yey!!!
miss hyun bin oppa and sun ah unnie soo much...
thanks to aznv.tv i can watch MNIKSS every day..hehehehe
talk 'bout obsession...

Orchid said...

Hi Hanie,

We (K-popped! Sisters) are watching My Lovely Sam-soon now too.

Halfway thru...and i really like it too. =)

Hyun Bin looks nice in the drama. But in these birthday pics, his hair is long already...i liked the short hair. :-) Plus his dimples are gorgeous.

Gabriela said...

Feliz cumpeanos desde Peru a Hyun Bin este 2008, es lo maximo lo amo!!!!!!!!!!!


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