Saturday, 15 September 2007

Hyun Bin's smile

A friend of mine told me that her favourite Korean actor is Hyun Bin (현빈). She says the 24-year-old star of highly popular K-drama 'My name is Kim Sam-soon' and A Millionaire's First Love (2006) has a gorgeous smile.

I would definitely like to watch 'My name is Kim Sam-soon'. Heard lots of good things about this drama. But why is it different from the rest? Why is it so popular?

Anyway, the following pictures pay tribute to heartthrob Hyun Bin's smile. Keep a close watch for those famous dimples.

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Gail T. said...

he really knows how to work those dimples.

in My Name is Kim Sam Soon, he played his role well. that could have been my downfall, too. i am attracted to seemingly cold/arrogant men. haha.

the real draw to MNIKSS for me is the lovely Kim Sun Ah. She's just wonderfully crass as Kim Sam Soon. And I journeyed along with her and wept and laughed when she did so.

i've seen it 3 times. go check it out.

Orchid said...

Okay Gail...will definitely look out for the box set for this one! So many people have said it's good. Thanks for the extra info. You've seen it 3 times? :-)

Liz said...

Wow, what a great promo for the drama, Gail.

I didn't like Hyun Bin in A Millionaire's First Love but the drama seems to be something else altogether. I'm hunting the DVD box set down.

fraulein said...

YEAHHH! Orchid go catch hyun bin in my lovely samsoon, it's so differnt from other boy meets girl, girl likes boy but boy is in love w someone else story. kim sun ah did such a great job playing samsoon. It gives all girls worldwide hope that ordinary looking gals can get the hubba hubba males too. ok, ok, that was just fiction. and it deals with food (dessert) - i like ! = )

fraulein said...

oh while u're at it, check out the youtube video where bi's friends punked him (kinda like ashton kutcher) by photoshopping a newspaer article saying kim sun ah wanted to meet and date him. can tell he was a bit flattered but more freaked out than anything else. she's 6 yrs older than him and let's just say not as pretty as some of the girls he has been associated with like SHK and lee hyo lee. heh.. = )

fraulein said...

i've seen MLSS more than 8 times, and only a millionaire's first love once.. it made me cry bucketloads.
Someone told me to watch Full Hse to get my mind off the devastatingly charming hyun bin and now i am worse off becos i cant get over Bi. Bwahahahaha!

Orchid said...

Hi fraulein,

Did you say MNIKSS / MLSS deals with food? Hahaha..then Rooster will like it too! ;-)

OH YEAH, i've seen the YouTube video of Bi punked! I viewed it a couple of times cos it's so funny. He was flabbergasted cos Kim Sun Ah is older than him (his nuna - big sister). I didn't know who the lady they associated him with was...until you tell me now is the actress from MLSS.

For those who want to see the video of Rain punked, here is the link on YouTube.

Bi Punked:

fraulein said...

Yes, orchid. Kim Sam-soon is a baker, more specifically a patisseie who works in the restaurant owned by Hyun Bin, can't disclose more or else it will be like spoilers!
Another reason to chk out MLSS - daniel henney if u like him = )
I totally agree with gail t's comments abt hyun bin and the drama

Gail T. said...

MNIKSS was my first Kdrama. ;) and there are such lovely scenes. of course, i have to rewatch it. :)

fraulein, 8 times screams "another level" to me. *bows down* ;)

Orchid said...

Sorry, it's actually...

Bi AND Kim Sun-ah punked. She gets punked too!

Liz said...

Dang, I almost had the chance to watch MNIKSS. I gave up because the discs could only be played on the computer and not my DVD player.

I prefer watching it on TV than on the computer screen. :-) Ni-choon, you should know...;-)

dazzled! said...

orchiiiiidddd! thanks so so much for posting his pics! u made my day! his smile just absolutely melts my heart!

you gotta watch's my fav even after watching so many others! guess it's coz most of us can identify with her

i think kim sun ah did very well there too. definately worth watching. like gail & fraulein, i've watched it many times also! :)

thanx again! muaks!

dazzled! said...

btw orchid, i only managed to post my comment in the office...somehow my home comp doesnt post for whatever reason...

oh & i've watched a millionaire's first love before so u don't hafta lend me the dvd...don't really like the storyline + hbin put on weight there too.. :(

Orchid said...

dazzled! Hey great to see you online!

You have seen MNIKSS many times too? Gosh...and here i thought it was just Fraulein (8 times) and Gail (3 times). How do you all manage to find the time to watch a drama so many times?

I love Rain...but i only watched Full House like one and a half times. :-P

Yeah...Millionaire's First Love - the storyline isn't that great.

* LIZ - we've just gotta watch MNIKSS eh? *

Liz said...

Heya dazzled, I know you!!! :-)

Ah, a Hyun Bin fan, I see.
I didn't like A Millionaire's First Love, but I've heard nothing but good things about My Lovely Sam-soon.

Yup Orchid, it's time MNIKSS gets K-popped! ;-P

brightstar said...

I ♡ Hyun Bin!


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