Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Jang Dong-gun & Jeong Ryu-won for Giordano Korea

Giordano Korea uses "hallyu star power" to sell their merchandise. Jang Dong-gun and Jeong Ryu-won are house models for Giordano Korea (Fall 2007 Collection).

Scruffy Jang Dong-gun needs no introduction. If you have been following this blog, you would know that he has been labeled Korea's Johnny Depp. Jeong Ryu-won is unfamiliar to me, except that she is the girl in the popular drama 'My Lovely Kim Sam-soon'. She's not the lead actress, but is the one Hyun Bin and Daniel Henney's characters were both after. Jeong is also said to be in the movie 'My Boyfriend is Type-B'.

Jang has been a Giordano model for the longest time. And he is still with them!

Jang Dong-gun & Jeong Ryu-won for
Giordano Fall 2007 Collection

I have just noticed though, that Rain is no longer appearing in the ads. He was with Giordano last season modeling for their Summer 2007 Collection.

Once upon a time, Bi joined them too
- Giordano Summer 2007 Collection

Why don't we get these models here in Malaysia? When you visit a Giordano outlet here in Malaysia, all you see are nameless models. Would you buy more Giordano clothes if Jang Dong-gun and Jeong Ryu-won's faces were plastered on the outlet walls? :-)

Giordano Korea’s Kang Nam flagship store in Seoul

Giordano Korea’s Kang Nam flagship store in Seoul (inside)

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ErvvXiah said...

i would definitely buy the brand if it's modelled by my favourite korean actors and actresses. yeah, why can't they appear in our ads in Malaysia? sad..

Anonymous said...

I think that girl is not a very good model, she looks goofy... Rain, they need him back, he looked so hot.


inquinn said...

with jang dong gun as the main face, of course! but look at the store! it's huge and u can feel the power of marketing whereas here..? sigh. i normally have a quick look and decide whether i should enter the store or not

perhaps the difference between giordano in korea n here is like how diesel is a 'whatever' brand here but so nice but/and darn expensive in the UK

Orchid said...

Yeah i agree with you inquinn. The Giordano store in Korea looks like a department store! Over here, it's just an outlet with very limited selections. Plus i walk pass all the time, hoping to see my favourite hallyu star on the walls...but so far...not yet. ;-)

anonymous...yeah i don't like the girl model very much either. Doesn't make me wanna buy the clothes that much. :-P

Anonymous said...

I want Bi's tank top! It looks VERY nice. ;-)

Liz said...

Anonymous, you only want Bi's tank top??? I want Bi. Period. ;-P

Wishful thinking aside, yeah, I also want Jang Dong-gun representing Giordano Malaysia. That would be awesome!

Anonymous said...

Other anonymous: You can have Bi's tank top if you don't replace it, I love to see Bi topless.....


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