Thursday, 20 September 2007

Jun Jin and Son Ho-young become kimchi envoys

Shinhwa member Jun Jin and erstwhile g.o.d. (groove over dose) member Son Ho-young were appointed PR envoys for the 2007 Gwangju Kimchi Festival on Sept 19. The appointment ceremony was held at the Renaissance Hotel in Seoul.

Jun Jin (left) and Son Ho-young promise
nothing but kimchi kisses from now on ;-)

Jun and Son, along with two other celebrities, were selected because of their popularity as Hallyu stars in Asia.

During the press conference, the pair pledged to do their best to promote the Korean dish to the world before they fed each other kimchi (pic below).

The boys sure love their kimchi!

Their promo work for the festival includes participating in kimchi-making programs with foreign visitors.

The 14th Gwangju Kimchi Festival will be held from Oct 17 to 21.

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