Saturday, 15 September 2007

The Legendary Police (2003)

Korean title: 다모 (Da-mo)

What's popping:

It’s a double whammy for me, this one. It's dubbed in Mandarin and only has Chinese subtitles! Yeap, you won't get to choose your preferred audio or subs.

This is actually one of Ha Ji-won's (하지원) more popular dramas. Produced by MBC, the drama is reportedly a major part of the Korean Wave in Asia and the United States! You should check it out if you aren't Chinese illiterate like me.

Set in the Joseon Dynasty, the drama centres on a group of women law enforcers called Damo. Although regarded as low class citizens they are the only ones with the privilege to investigate cases that involve upper class ladies. While they have access to people and situations no man can approach, they are still treated no better than servants.

The plot:

Look ma, no hands!

The story is about Chae-ok (Ha Ji-won), a sword wielding 23-year-old Damo who is given the task of investigating a money counterfeiting scheme. Soon, she finds herself drawn romantically to the leader of the rebel group. Hmm, interesting.

Watch it:
  • Astro PHOENIX (Channel 32)
  • Mandarin with Chinese subtitles
  • Monday to Thursday
  • 7pm - 8pm with repeats at 2.15pm - 3.15pm the following day
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nozomi05 said...

I love this K-drama. Its one of the best k-dramas I've watch. The music rocks, the acting superb and the plot is not the typical sob story! I bought the dvd for this. No regrets!

Liz said...

Hi nozomi05,

Wah, you make it sound so good. How many episodes are there? How many discs?

nozomi05 said...

Hi Liz,

I visit your website several times EVERYDAY, but I somehow missed the comment that you made in response to the comment I made about DAMO a.k.a The Legendary Police Woman. There are 14 episodes in total and it just came in one dvd. I had a hard time getting a copy of the OST because its not being sold anymore but I did manage to get a copy of the songs after much sleuthing on the internet. Hope you do get to watch the series. Its really great.

Liz said...

Hello nozomi05, no problemo. Am pretty used to people ignoring me ;-P.

Ah, 14-episodes, huh? Yeah, I gave up watching the one on Astro because I don't understand anything and the timing isn't right.

Damo said...

Surely not the typical korean drama plot.. I love it. Memorable type of story wrote by the same writer of MISA,SANG DOO and A LOVE TO KILL.. if you like those drama and i'm sure you'll like Damo too..


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