Monday, 10 September 2007

The man in Kim Dongwan's Handkerchief MV

Hey, can anyone give me more information on this mysterious "Handkerchief guy"? Spotted him in Kim Dong-wan's (from Shinhwa) solo comeback music video - Handkerchief when i was watching Pops in Seoul the other day. I thought he looked like Won Bin. But found out his name is Yoo Geon. Who is he? An actor or singer?

The song is quite nice by the way, Handkerchief by Kim Dong-wan.

Who is he?


Anonymous said...

Gail T. said...

he's an actor/model. a yummy one too. haha. i love won bin. my younger sister loves yoo gun. it works.

he was in the recently concluded "bad couple"

and that wiki.d-addicts entry is a help. (my homepage is set to a random page of wiki.d-addicts. i'm that addicted)

Orchid said...

Thanks both! There's not much info about him in the wiki entry. And most of the websites are in Korean. They say he's a "Won Bin copycat". See...he does look like Won Bin. But as for being a copycat, he can't help how he looks like eh? Yoo Gun looks mixed but he speaks Korean.

liz said...

He isn't mixed i dont think
he used to be singer way back like 1998 in group OPPA.
I think he was the guy from hello god. He is an actor though

km said...

check out the new variety show jihwaza, he appeared on it before. yep, and i think liz is right.

gomdori said...

He used to be in the group OPPA, which was out around the time when Sechskies and H.O.T. were still around.

He was just in the drama "Bad Couple" where he plays the sweet young boyfriend of the main character's best friend's sister. (I think) Yeah... Anyway... he's pretty cute. I can't wait for his future projects.

puppyiz said...

Hey there! News on YooGeon is spreading fast these days!!
Just for the info ~ 4 years ago YooGeon toiled 6jobs frm dusk till dawn to save up his 1way airfair & he's travelled a long way frm the USA to S.Korea to pursue his ambition in becoming a Korean Actor. YooGeon 1st started out from this Korean Group known as O.P.P.A. (disbanded not long after that).He made a comeback & debuted as 'Ha Ru' from this heartwarming drama frm KBS2006 HELLO GOD, then 'SeoJunSoo' in SBS2007 BADCOUPLE. WonBin ?? haha~ dont think so..jst take a closer look @ YooGeon. Want to find out more about this HOT & cute looking guy ??
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P.S. Pls remember to credit if infos posted elsewhr ^^
Thanx !!


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