Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Military service dodger releases Korean album

Yoo Seung-joon (유승준) – don’t know him? Well, you'll know him in a sec because he stirred up controversy in 2002 when South Korea banned him from re-entering the country. The reason? The pop singer obtained US citizenship and dropped his Korean one like a hot potato in a bid to avoid the compulsory military service.

Since then, the singer has been busy entertaining his fans in China and Taiwan. Also, he settled down and had a kid with his childhood friend.

Sexy Mina gives Seung-joon the thumbs up

Now, the 31-year-old is set to make a comeback by releasing an album in Korea for the first time in six years. Yoo's 7th album entitled Rebirth of YSJ will be released with two versions – one for the Asian market and another especially for Korea.

The Asian version caters to his Chinese fans since half of the tracks are sung in Chinese.

It is unlikely that Yoo will be promoting the album in Korea because he's still banned from entering the country.

On a brighter note, proceeds from the album's sales will go to charity. Yay.

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Anonymous said...

Ah Yoo Seung Joon what are you thinking, you are old, you are run down. Please give up. Do no try and release an album a place you utterly and grossly offended.
You're an army jumper. Be a man.

Orchid said...

Both of them are so buffed they look like characters from WWF (World Wrestling Federation)

Anonymous said...

I met Seung Joon in Taiwan last month. I ran into him in the fitness room in our hotel. We worked out together for about an hour and talked a lot. He was not full of himself. I found him to be gracious and humble. He is disappointed that his decision to exercise his rights as a human being offended many. (BTW How many others would avoid the Army, if they had the chance?) I spent 25 years in the military. I have no problem with him. It doen'st take a man to be forced into the military. It does take a man to stand up for what he believes. He did what he thought was right for him. Now, Korea is doing what it thinks is right in return. Our opinions are really not necessary or effective. Show some love.


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