Tuesday, 4 September 2007

My Father (2007) - Daniel Henney's new movie

Oh gosh, i just saw the trailer for 'My Father' and it looks really good.

'My Father' is a new movie from Korean -American Daniel Henney (28). It tells about an adopted boy in America, living with an American family, returning to Korea after 22 years, in search of his biological father. In a foreign land, barely knowing the language, he searches, only to find his father in jail, serving a 10-year murder sentence. The movie follows the heart-wrenching journey of this young man. It displays powerful acting by Daniel Henney and is directed by Hwang Dong-hyeuk.

If you are a fan of Daniel Henney, it's definitely a must watch! The movie will be released on 06 Sept.

Last week, Henney and Eva (up and coming actress) were seen at Seoul's Myeongdong street promoting the movie. A huge crowd gathered just to get a glimpse of heart-throb Henney.

Heart-throb Henney arriving at Myeongdong
to promote his new movie 'My Father'

Daniel & Eva striking a pose for the camera

Distributing movie posters to lucky fans

The huge crowd at Myeongdong street, Seoul

Videos to watch:
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Liz said...

Wow, sounds like a promising movie. Me wanna watch, me wanna watch!


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