Saturday, 22 September 2007

My Tutor Friend, Lesson II (2007)

Korean title: 동갑내기 과외하기 레슨 II (Gong-gab-nae-gi Gwa-oi-ha-gi le-seun II)

Director: Kim Ho-jung (김호정)

Park Ki-woong (박기웅)

Lee Cheong-ah (이청아)

What's popping:
I’m sitting on the fence with this one. I watched it during a flight and it helped me sit out the long back-aching hours. I was entertained for the length of the movie, however I’m sure it would have been funnier if I understood Korean.

Sequel to the hit movie My Tutor Friend (2003) that launched Kwon Sang-woo’s career, My Tutor Friend, Lesson II is a coming-of-age story where two young individuals who begin as an unlikely couple learn how to face their demons and ultimately fall in love with each other. While riding on the success of the first movie, expect a cast of fresh faces. There is no link to the 2003 film.

It's cute (and so is Park Ki-woong!), but I wouldn’t kick myself if I had missed it. Nevertheless, it is a heart-warming comedy for a girls’ night in with chocolates and gummy bears.

The plot

Junko, a Japanese girl, comes to Korea as a foreign exchange student in search of a boy whom she believes to be her soul mate. She finds room and board with a homestay family.
Jongman, the son of the host is forced to share his room and teach Junko how to speak Korean. Jongman is unhappy with his new teaching job and makes sure Junko’s first few months in Seoul will be a difficult one… until the tables are turned.

Watch it:
If you’re a chick-flick addict.
On DVD or if you’re on a Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong.

Comedy, romance and a sliver of drama

Pic Credit: Hancinema

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Orchid said...

hey kpoplet, you chosed to watch a Korean in-flight movie on the plane? are really k-popped! :-P

rooster said...

Yes, haha. Any material for our blog!

Anonymous said...

Finally it's out wif chinese sub..
Enjoy it very muchi..
Especially the pronunciation scenes..haha.
XX..XX..XX..opps.. >.<
'虫'万 aka Park Ki-Woong is <3..hehe.

vrosemarie said...

Yea i watched it on youtube before they took it off... It was kind of amusing but nothing more than that... I think the lead actor needs more acting classes though...

Orchid said... can watch entire movies on YouTube? People upload it there? I didn't know that.


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