Thursday, 27 September 2007

Rain at the Mid-Autumn Festivities in China

There has been hardly any news in Korean entertainment these past week since all of South Korea was celebrating the Chuseok holidays. However, top Korean star Rain, was in China, performing on-stage after a hiatus. He was joining in the Mid-Autumn festivities there.

Rain is back on-stage after a four month break. Due to the cancellations of his USA leg of the
Rain's I'm Coming World Tour, his last performance was at the prestigious Tokyo Dome in Japan on 25th May 2007.

At the Mid-Autumn Gala Festival on 25th September, Rain joined other local (Chinese) entertainers and performed two songs - "It's Raining" and "I Do".

Rain performs at the Mid-Autumn Gala Festival

Giving his Chinese fans a treat while
Korea celebrates the Chuseok holidays

Dude, you need a new hair style.
(Rain at the Asia Arts Festival)

Yeah, those aren't real tattoos he was sporting
(Rain at the Mid-Autumn rehearsal)

PS: I don't like Bi's hair here...i hope he goes back to Seoul and visits his hair salon soon. ;-)

View on YouTube:

Rain performs at the Mid-Autumn Gala Festival

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rainbowlove88 said...

ah HAH, this one the pictures i saw oppa with the tung ku tau (mushroom head). I oso dun like. His hair like mushroom and then when look at his whole head like rectangle. aiyoh, dunno how to describe. But I still love oppa. saranghae!

Orchid said...

rainbowlove88, your oppa Rain needs a new hair cut right? ;-)

rainbowlove88 said...

Yes, oppa need a new haircut to make him sexy. Dun wan mushroom head!

Liz said...

I agree, rainbowlove88!

Bi, puhleeze bring SEXY BACK! Bring SEXY BACK!

Get a haircut and down with that fungus growing on your head!

Anonymous said...

omg he's wearing dsquared2??? that t-shirt costs more than most koreans make in a month..

Orchid said...

anonymous, why does dsquared2 shirt cost so much? It looks like a normal t-shirt to me. i haven't heard of the brand either...

fraulein said...

yeah.. why? I think i have seen some imitation ones.. didnt know dsquared2 t shirts cost that much.
And how much wld one cost?

fraulein said...

Rain is a loaded kid, after all ; )
Look at his LV stuff.
I dunno abt other Rain fans but I always look at the watches he wears, I have a thing for watches, hee.. = D


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