Sunday, 9 September 2007

Rain relieves stress with cross-stitch

Stressed out? Try cross-stitching, which is what superstar Rain does to forget all his worries, especially before a show. It is reported in the Sept 1 - 15 issue of Galaxy (yeah, our very own Malaysian entertainment mag) that the Energizer Bunny finds needlework therapeutic.

"I love needlework," the Energizer Bunny revealed. "I find a lot of joy in creating beautiful patterns out of it."

Bi does needlework

And he isn’t lying. Check out the footage of Rain cross-stitching!

The stud learnt the delicate art of cross-stitching from his late mother (awww). The skill he obtained when he was a kid helps the 25-year-old relax today. Rain actually carts his cross-stitch set with him wherever he goes.

Oh boy, I would love to see the set! Make me a pattern, Bi!

"I usually do cross-stitch before performing. It's a good way for me to unwind and forget all my worries," he added.

In other Bi-related buzz, it is said that the Energizer Bunny has been spotted behind the wheel of a spanking new Porsche! Whoo-hoo, nice!

Bi's new Porsche

Apparently, the sleek, black car, which was a gift(!), was recently imported from Germany. Wow, who was the generous soul who gave him the car?

Oooh, Energizer Bunny, you’ve got to give the K-popped Trio a ride in the Porsche when we’re in Korea, no? Is it a two-seater? No worries, Rooster and Orchid, you guys share the passenger seat while I’ll be sitting in Bi’s lap. Thanks. ;-)

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Orchid said...

Wow Bi! From scooter to shiny black Porsche. Not bad!

I wonder who gave him the "gift". Maybe it's connected to the Speed Racer movie filming? He made some friends while filming the Hollywood Blockbuster movie? Or maybe an admirer? hehehehe


Anonymous said...

hey k-popped sis! the police will catch if someone sits on the lap while driving

Liz said...

Ahh, no problem Anonymous, I guess Rain will have to drive very fast then so

a) we appear like a blur to the cops

b) the cops can't catch up with us

rooster said...

Man, this is so R-rated. haha

Orchid said...


So WHO gave Rain the spanking new Porsche?

Liz said...

Yes, yes, good Orchid. Change the subject.

Let's talk about the weather looks like rain...ha ha ha geddit? Geddit?

Oh ok, bad joke. Sorry, am under pressure, brain's going wonky. Maybe I should take up cross-stitch too.


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