Saturday, 1 September 2007

Korean pop star Rain returns to Seoul

Rain is back in South Korea! The hallyu star was spotted at the airport wearing sunnies, a fedora, scarf, t-shirt and jeans. Carrying his fave Louis Vuitton bag of course.

Korean 'World Star' Rain arrives at Incheon International Airport

Rain touched down at Incheon International Airport at 2:40pm (Korean time), August 31st. He was in Berlin for 2.5 months filming the Wachowski brothers' flick Speed Racer which is due to be released in summer 2008. At first Rain was reported to return to Korea on 27th Aug, but there was a slight delay.

Rain reunites with his father. His dad has
been taking care of business back home.

Anyway, K-popped! is glad the Energizer Bunny is back in action. We will have a tough time keeping up with his schedule, but of course will try. ;-)

Welcome back Bi...we miss you too! ;-)

Rain told us earlier in Berlin that he misses his fans in Korea and will have lots of good news for his fans. Even before he drops his bags at home, word has it that he has been selected to model for Calvin Klein Jeans. Work on the commercial will start almost immediately. He joins Lee Hyo-ri who also models for CK Jeans.

Rain (who's a Lotte Man - he models for Lotte, Korea) will be also performing in the Lotte Concert - 2007 Autumn Family Concert on 20th Oct 2007.

Check out:
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rainbowlove88 said...

Oooooppppaaaaa!!! You are home in Seoul! Yipppeeeeeeeee!

Saranghaeyo! And I hope you take good rest before you do anything else.

Saranghaeyo, take care oppa.

Liz said...

Oh yeah, the Energizer Bunny's back!!! Kewl!


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