Thursday, 20 September 2007

Rain talks about Shanghai concert

Rain's Oct 6 concert in Shanghai is ON, friends...barring any last-minute glitches, of course.

The sponsors of the event even sent a personal handwritten message from the Energizer Bunny himself to a newspaper inviting fans to the show.

It read: "Friends of Xen Wen Chen Bao (name of Chinese newspaper), I am Rain. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you at the concert!"

Here are some information gleaned off an interview with Sina :

New hairdo
Bi is so eager to perform in Shanghai that he even has a spanking new hairstyle especially for the Shanghai date.

"I like it myself," said the star who looked like a tornado hit him in a pic for the Calvin Klein Jeans ad. "But as for whether it will become a new trend, it will depend on the approval of my fans."

Rain, your regular funny guy
The 25-year-old revealed that he likes to smile alot and does not purposely put on a "cool" persona onstage. And offstage, he frequently jokes around with his staff.

The Energizer Bunny likes...
...his eyes, saying "I'm most satisfied with my eyes", when asked about his fav body part.
...clever girls (I'm pretty smart Rain, call me!).

He de-stresses by dancing (hey, what happened to cross-stitching?).

He said: "As an entertainer, there will definitely be pressure from work; the key is to know how to have a balance. For me, dancing is the best way to cope with the pressure."

  • Translation credits belong to dsl99a of Rain Malaysia: My Jeong Jihun forum
  • Liz cannot translate Chinese stuff into English because she's illiterate that way. Yes, Liz is a Malaysian Chinese and that means her ancestors are turning over in their graves.

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fraulein said...

liz, l love the way u refer to urself in the 3rd person = P

Tan said...

This is the latest pic of Rain with his new hairdo????

If it is, it kinda suits him but in the CK ad, it looks kinda.... like u said... got hit by tornado. hahahaha...

Orchid said...

Tan: This is not the latest pic with Rain's new hairdo. Dunno where Liz went and dug up this "horrible" pic!

Liz said...

Yo people! It's FRIDAY...yay.

Fraulein, yeah, I like to refer myself in the 3rd person at times because it makes me feel like an important person. ;-)

Tan, nope that's not the latest pic of the Energizer Bunny. Yeah, I had it stashed in my pic archive somewhere and decided to use it for laughs.

Anonymous said...

Come here Rain, I am waiting for you.

Orchid said...

Hey Liz, i would like to see the personal handwritten note by Rain. Where is it?


Orchid said...

Oh oh...does Rain write in English, Korean or Chinese to his Shanghai fans???

rainbowlove88 said...

oppa, pls come to Malaysia again and write us love note like you did to Shanghai. Saranghaeyo!


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