Sunday, 16 September 2007

TVXQ in Paris

It’s still unclear why the TVXQ boys are in Paris, but here are some shots of the quintet enjoying a day out in gay Paris. Bonjour Monsieurs!

Hey guys, I thought you were supposed to come to Malaysia for another concert or something? Are those plans shelved? Does anyone know anything about the status of this? Some of your Malaysian fans have been asking.

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inquinn said...

yes, they were there for photobook rumoured to be out in december? ho well, i think the concert can be anytime i guess, they seem to be travelling from one country to another for work as though the world is the size of a globe

balloon - said...

they going to have a concert in malaysia this 24 november at stadium merdeka... but that time got spm/stpm... (-_-)''


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