Monday, 3 September 2007

Uhm Jung-hwa's lingerie collection

Korea's Madonna, Uhm Jung-hwa launches her new lingerie collection with style. The launch was held in southern Seoul, at the Bistro D on August 24th.

The online brand is called 'Zuhm in New York' while the offline brand is called 'Corner Suite' (but why two different names?)

Uhm arrives in a Cleopatra style long black wig

Eh, how come her hair-style changes?

Uhm's brother, Uhm Tae-woong arrives at the launch

At the launch fashion show

The collection - it does not look half bad.

Looks like she designs for men too


Liz said...

The collection is OK...but with names like that, I still think she's selling real estate.

rooster said...

Haha, her hair has a life of its own!

Liz said...

Maybe she spilled something on her wig and had to get it cleaned out?

Love Lingerie said...

Her lingerie collection looks ok. Thanks for sharing!


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