Tuesday, 30 October 2007

12 months of Gong Yoo

Forget the buxom pinup girl, now Coffee Prince star Gong Yoo will grace the 12 glossy pages in the 2008 Gong Yoo Calendar. How about that, handsome Hallyu star for every month and every season. The Japanese seem to get all the fun - first Bae Yong-joon, now Gong Yoo.

Mmm... goooodmornin'... coffee for me? Why, thank you.

Yoo's management agency, Sidus HQ says, "The '2008 Gong Yoo Calendar' will be available for purchase in Japan on Nov. 23, and the calendar will show both Gong Yoo's refined style and a range of looks including the more informal and personal."

Source: Yonhap
Pic Credit: Asia Fanatics

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Anonymous said...

where can i get those calendars other than buying them in japan?

I cant find them anywhere else...


how i wish to get one!

pls tell me if u know anyone who is interested in selling..


Anonymous said...


do you know any online shops in japan which sell this calendar? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks




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