Monday, 15 October 2007

5 Reasons why Rain looks forward to Daegu Concert

Korean pop sensation and #2 Hallyu Star Rain will perform in Daegu, South Korea on 27 October, 2007. Here's 5 reasons why i think Rain is looking forward to the Daegu Concert.

  1. Rain loves performing for his Korean fans
    Bi loves all his fans, all around the world of course. But i do think he has a special place in his heart for his South Korean fans. Plus he does not need to worry about communication. He can just speak comfortably in Korean. No need to put on the rehearsed English sweet talk. :-)

  2. Fans sing along like nobody's business
    Almost all of the Korean fans can sing along like they are his back-up singers! Check out this performance of I'm Coming on KBS Music Bank and you'll know what i mean.

  3. Rain gets to fulfill his Daegu ambassador role

  4. The man likes to perform. Period.
    Ever since Rain (Jung Ji-hoon then) represented his 6th grade class in a talent competition (because no one else volunteered) and received applause, he knew he wanted to dance & perform.

  5. Excellent way to wrap up his World Tour
    What a splendid way to wrap up his "2006/2007 I'm Coming World Tour" by having a concert back home in South Korea. It started with the showcase concert in Seoul, and ends full circle, back in Korea, at Daegu.
Do you have any other reasons?

Pic credit: Newsis

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fraulein said...

I love this post! (not that the rest arent good) but you summarised it so well !! Welldone, girl = )

Orchid said...

Thanks fraulein,

Hey i bought the Rain's Coming - Rain World Tour Premiere! (Live Concert at Jam-sil Olympic Stadium).

It comes with Chinese subs only. Anyway i am quite happy that i waited because it cost only RM39.90 (for the double DVD). =)

fraulein said...

that's cool! I paid sgd $45.00 for my copy ; (

fraulein said...

enjoy watching it ! it's a lil short compared to the concert, eh?

fraulein said...

oh i forgot add - korean fans sing along to his songs 'cos they're the only ones in the world who speak his lingo LOL...


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