Friday, 12 October 2007

Im Su-jung is every Asian filmmakers' dream

Move over, Song Hye-kyo.

I'm a Cyborg, but That's OK star Im Su-jung is the most wanted actress by foreign producers and casting directors.

She was voted as the #1 talent filmmakers most want to collaborate with at the Asian Film Market's co-Production PRO, which is a conference held at the 12th Pusan International Film Festival.

The Co-Production PRO program facilitates joint film productions in Asia. The conference is attended by film industry officials in production, investment and distribution from Asia, the Americas and Europe.

In the poll, some 100 Co-Production PROs voted and the 27-year-old actress came up tops as the actor most wanted for a joint production.

The baby-faced star said hat she would gladly accept the invitation for any such project. Yeah, you go girl!

Source: KBS Global
Pic credit: HanCinema

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