Saturday, 13 October 2007

KBS World is like RTM?

First of all, Selamat Hari Raya Puasa to all our Muslim readers! After a month of fasting, I'm sure you're having a grand time of celebration with your loved ones! :-)

OK, so the KBS World network debuted today in Malaysia, right? I tuned in this morning and caught some studio concert show where amateur singers sang trot, the oldest form of Korean pop music.

It reminded me of Malaysia's Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) network, which is one of Malaysia's terrestrial TV that airs studio concerts complete with an RTM Orchestra. Guess what? KBS World also has its own KBS Orchestra! Not my kind of program, but beggars can't be choosers, right?

After the trot-filled program, a drama entitled Destined to Love came on. It didn't catch my fancy at all because...umm, nobody was *cough*cough* good looking *COUGH* enough *cough*.

I decided to take a break from KBS before I develop an adverse reaction to the channel.

However, I'm still looking forward to the other programs lined up. A reader named tokyorevolution wrote in our comment section that Music Bank rocks. I missed today's offering but I'll make an effort to catch it soon :-).

Oh and the TV stills below? It's from a program called Open Concert, which was aired at 5.30pm to 7pm. The lady singer (I didn't catch her name) sang Fame (originally sung by Irene Cara) and it was a rousing performance. It got me jumping in the air, doing splits and all that jazz. Yay, there's still hope!

Ironically, I don't remember her name even if she sang Fame.

Fame-singing chick working the stage with her dancers

The audience enjoying the rousing performance

The final pose - everyone learns how to fly, see ;-P.

What’s your favourite program on KBS World? Your recommendations will help direct me to the better programs. Do tell me before I…I sing a trot song for you!

KBS World for K-popped Malaysians!

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Anonymous said...

Quite disappointing actually, in my opinion. I checked Astro's website for the programme guide. Honestly, nothing catches my interest except for Music Bank. =X Youtube still rules.

inquinn said...

yea the guidebook mentioned music bank n although i know music bank rocks, i figured that would be the *only* thing that would tickle my fancy. just like nhk, the only thing i look fwd to is shounen club. but ho well, it's still better than nothing. tv screen is still bigger than my laptop

Orchid said...

inquinn...yeah i like watching on the TV rather than notebook.

No Ya Shim Man Man?

I want...Ya Shim Man Man! ;-)

inquinn said...

yas shim man man on kbs world eh?

ahh one example would be like how my sister n i would excitedly run down the stairs for pops in seoul or korean MVs on MTV although we have them in our laptops :)

hangulfan said...

i think i can suggest the viewers one variety show in KBS world that i think is quite interesting. The show's title is 'Famous rolls up their sleeves'. The show air every thursday, on 9am..hmm or maybe on 10am. i'm not really sure because i have not watch it many times. But i'm pretty sure that the 'day' is right. That show is about the invited artist which had given a task, doing a job and get the salary from the employer. It's interesting and funny when they have to do something that they have not done before. After finished the job, they got the salary and from that money, they donate to that show for the donation purposes. Hope all of u enjoy it too!

Liz said...

Hello hangulfan, thanks for the recommendation! :-) It's on Thursday mornings? Man, it'll be hard to catch it but if I'm free one Thursday, I'll make an effort to do so :-).

blinkable said...

uhm I like Love Letter *there's a full name to it but I forgot* where they have current hit makers to perform live..and you get to know more other Korean artistes who are actually worthwhile's on Sunday 10am I think...hv to reconfirm the time tho.I am old so I hv bad memory *haha*

Nael said...

KBSworld is like my favourite channel. Apart from Music bank, there's a WHOLE LOT Of variety shows . Star Golden Bell, Happy Together, Chit Chat of beautiful Ladies, One Night Two Days, Invincible Youth, Vitamin, Champagne, Yoo Huiyeol's sketchbook, Lee Hana's peppermint and of course Music Bank. I kind of watch everything that is subbed. The dramas are the best, well first of all it isn't dubbed, and it's not cut, and the commercials are short and not much to begin with and the marathon runs at midnight or weekends.

I Love KbsWorld.

Wish that SBS and MBC reaches Malaysia soon ;/


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