Saturday, 20 October 2007

Kim Hee-sun weds Park Joo -yung


Kim Hee-sun
(김희선) finally weds her fiance, Korean business tycoon Park Joo-yung (박주영). These are the wedding photos released.

The wedding was held at Seoul's luxurious Sheraton Walker Hill hotel at 6:00pm in the evening on 19 October, 2007. It was a private wedding with only 200 friends, relatives and close celebrity friends of Kim (30) and Park (33).

The wedding took place at a mansion at the
outskirts of
Seoul Sheraton Walker Hill hotel.
200 guests attended the nuptials.

The wedding kiss

André Kim stole the thunder from the bride by arriving
at the wedding in his white space gear. But we all know that's all he wears. ;-)
André said later, "It was a beautiful wedding".

Sources: Yahoo! Korea,
Pics credit: Osen, StarNews

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Lian said...

They look so good together. All the best, Hee Seon.

Orchid said...

Yeah i agree lian...they look great together. New photo added - The wedding kiss!

fraulein said...

Andre kim designed her gown? Really? *sniggers *

Orchid said...

Actually i am not quite sure. But that's what i read earlier...that he offered to design her gown, as he is her friend.

Not sure if she finally wore one of his creations. (i think i better remove that bit)


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