Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Kim Ok-bin is all dressed-up

Over the Rainbow actress Kim Ok-bin models for SI's 2007 Fall/Winter collection.

Standing at 167cm, the 21-year-old preens and postures in urban chic, revised classics, mix & match and European sense stylings.

Hmm, I can't tell any of those apart...all I know is that the clothes are a little on the shiny side, causing the actress to look more like a fashion victim instead of a model.

Here are some of the designs taken from the online catalog. Would you pay good money for 'em?

Ok-bin in her Sunday best for a day at the races?

Prim and proper office wear.

Lounging in shiny pants.

Ok-bin puts on a bowler hat to channel funnyman
Charlie Chaplin.

And it works! Because she's hilarious imitating the
Leatherman (biker) from The Village People.

Tight (shiny) skirts and splits don't go together, girl.

Ugh, ugly shoes

Fashion victim: Kim Ok-bin

I'm a little teapot, short and stout. Here is my

And finally, all that preening gives her a headache.

Source & Pics credit: SI

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inquinn said...

err.. weird ensemble. poor girl had to wear all those and make them look nice. i agree, the one she was wearing a skirt *and* doing a split is especially weird

she doesn't look 21 though. i'm surprised she's actually that young

fraulein said...

Does anyone know the title of the recent song where kim ok-bin appeared in the music video? the dramatic one with a white dolphin and where she was the mistress of a mafia guy.
she's only 21??

inquinn said...

it's Zia(지아 ) - 물끄러미 MV (feat. Kim Ok Bin & Shin Hyeon Jun)

here's the link http://youtube.com/watch?v=UqMyoA1n354


fraulein said...

thank you , inquinn ; )

Liz said...

Oh yes, I remember the video now. That girl is Kim Ok-bin? Wow, didn't know that!

The guy is Hobbo Oppa...I mean, Saint Hobbo Oppa

pauline hargrave said...

does anyone know what actor/singer
KIM MIN JONG is doing nowadays?????? his fan clubs are out dated.
would like to see more of the guys featured.
really enjoy K-popped !!!!!!


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